JME3.3 Anim System getBindInverseTransform

Hi o/

In the deprecated animation implemention the Bone class has a function called getBindInverseTransform().

Whats the equivalent for the new implementation in the Joint class? I’ve been digging around the source, but it doesn’t stand out to me.


In new animation system, bind pose is defined in model space not local space for this reason we do not have getBindInverseTransform.

But if you need inverse bind in local space anyway, you should be able to calculate it like below:

  • call skinningControl.getArmature().applyBindPose();
  • Transform bindTransform = joint.getLocalTransform();
  • Transform bindInverseTransform = bindTransform.invert();

See this for more info

Thanks, that’s what I figured it was.