JME3 and Blender... How's that going

Hey guys,

I had quite a bit of activity with JME a year or so ago. We’ve moved on to Blender 2.6 and I am wondering if JME3 is OK with importing Blender models, and their animations. I’m not doing anything particularly amazing. Some FK’s and IK’s, although that might not be relevant depending on how it’s imported.

So before I take the deep dive again, would anyone care to comment on their experiences with Blender 2.6 imports and animation in general.

I should say I’ve come off the back of a Unity project. Never very satisfied with the JavaScript approach, but oh man, importing objects, textures, materials etc was sweet. Ultimately their licensing policy let us down, but that’s another story!

Cheers all


I’ve imported some basic blender models painlessly. Just dropped them in my assets, right click in the SDK and voila!

The only catch was there seems to be some sort of bug in the imported materials not picking up ambient lights. The models themselves work perfectly but you might need to tweak the materials.

I’ve not tried with animations so I’ll let someone else comment on that :slight_smile:

As there were many changes in Blender even after 2.5 came out the import pipeline for that is a little wonky atm but we’re working on it. I’d start out with using the OgreXML exporter that comes with the SDK and if that doesn’t work try one of the later versions of the unofficial exporter from their googlecode project page. The official OgreXML exporter for Blender 2.6 isn’t very far yet so that can’t be used atm. A good (but currently heavily under construction) way to import is our direct .blend importer but there are a few issues with it still so that imports done now will have to be redone at a later stage when its finished.

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Thanks gents, sounds close. I can initially start importing my static objects and have a play around again. I can spread my wings once again!