JME3 now glows

Hi everyone, I’ve enhanced the bloom filter so you can use glow maps for your models.

The idea is to glow only some parts of a model instead of just extracting and blooming highlights from the scene.

Images are better than words : here are screen shots of the tank model available in last SVN (TestHoverTank)

The doc on how to achieve this is coming next


And here is the how to


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"The left image has no bloom effect, the right image does. " And there’s no doubt about it! :smiley: Another great piece of work nehon. (you gotta remember to tweet your awesomeness!)

Small thing about the tutorial, I didn’t quite appreciate the “the result on Oto’s plasma ball”, because I didn’t get to see a “before” picture. I assume you assume (uh oh!) that readers have seen and learned about Oto’s plasma balls as they once appeared elsewhere, but I think it’s good practice to make tutorials more independent with easy fixes like before/after pics.

Thank you Erlend

I made a before and after screen shot for Oto :wink:

You know, I was playing WoW the other day and was thinking about how the heck they made parts of certain models glow like that. Figured it would be a pain in the butt if it was some external setting, so I bet they do something similar to keep it with the model. Good stuff! Definitely will look into this soon just to see what I can pull off!

As an aside, this would probably be really good for models of lamps, light fixtures or just lightbulb models as well. :wink:

This is awesome stuff. Thanks @nehon for another great effect

Yay :o Rémy, all that is being rendered there was you, including the model!! I knew you would be a great asset to jME :smiley:

That’s fantastic! :slight_smile:

Great work :slight_smile: very Impressive!

Very cool, good work!

Strangely enough, when I run TestHoverTank, I only see black screen and stats view. If I try zooming camera a little I can see changes in stats view (probably because of LOD control), but not on the screen. Any ideas what is wrong (I have decent 2 years old video card)?

Anyway, great work!! :slight_smile:

the filter must fail.

Have you got any error in the log? like the complete shader code output and a shader compilation error?

Hmm, no I don’t get anything like this.

But I get this somewhere between the output: [java]WARNING: Cannot locate resource: Models/HoverTank/Tank2.material[/java].

Also I noticed that there is 2x this line in code, should probably only be once: [java]rootNode.attachChild(tank);[/java].

I have another question, is it possible to use glow without bloom effect (just for a bigger fps)?

InShadow said:
I have another question, is it possible to use glow without bloom effect (just for a bigger fps)?

No, the glow *is* the bloom effect.

Just an idea: Maybe you could implement a brightness threshold, if someone want to use object glow without setting the glow map.

It’s the default behavior of the BloomFilter :stuck_out_tongue:

Read the how to, it will all come clear :wink:

you’ll need to play with exposure power and exposure cut-off

Ahhh there it is… I looked for it in the material and didn’t find it, but it’s in the filter. Great :smiley:

Omg awesome piece of work. How do you draw the textures? Photoshop? Paint?

Can you tell me how you did that part please?


Do I understand correctly that this can be used to render sun, with “god rays”?

@khanser Thank you,

The bigger part for the textures is done in blender.

I made a low poly model, then add a multi-res modifier to sculpt it. To carve the details i use the layer brush and alpha textures from there

Once there is enough details, I bake the normal map, and the ambient occlusion map from high poly model to low poly model texture coordinates.

The Normal map can be kept as it is, but the ambient occlusion map is just a base for the diffuse map.

The diffuse map is modified with photoshop. Basically is just adding some writings layer, some color layers, and a dirt layer.

The “camouflage” layer is done in blender with the texture paint mode.

The specular map is also done with photoshop, it’s basically a grey scale of the original map, with some lighting/contrast adjustment on some parts of the texture.

The glow map is done with photoshop too.

I don’t think this is doable with paint, but no doubt the Gimp can do it.