jme3 physics (jbullet-jme3) first upload


I uploaded a first (incomplete) version of jbullet-jme3 to the jbullet-jme svn:

svn co jbullet-jme3

I just uploaded it there so people can try around with it, make suggestions etc.. Since the jme3 package name is still to be changed, I did not want to add it to the jme3 repo just yet. Of the tests, only the test has been converted for jme3 yet.

Known errors:
- CapsuleCollisionShape - does not exist in jme3 yet
- Test classes - not converted except for TestSimplePhysics

- Queueing (GameTaskQueue was used in jbullet-jme)


Hey, nice to see you make progress, since a physic implementation is really helping nearly everyone using jme for games:)

Btw already decided if you will help me with the physics for the networked entitys? (since you probably have far more experience with jbullet)  I guess in the next few weeks I have a first working version without physics support ready.

I can give you hints and look at your code or maybe fill in a line of code or two if you upload/send it to me. I am afraid I wont find the time to fully participate in the project right now, since I have multiple projects going on myself here and I'm sure people want to see progress with jbullet-jme(3) and the GDE as well :slight_smile: I'll drop you a line when I have more time for the networking thing.



I thought we were going to include it in the core? Maybe we could make a new source package "jme3_physics" and put it there? What do you think?

Yes, as I said, I want to do that when the package name has changed, also I want to have a chat with you about some integration things before (multithreading etc.). Uploaded it so you/other people can already have a look at it. The jbullet-jme googlecode-projectpage will only be for the jme2 version in the future.