JME3 Question

Hello, I Have a few Qs about JME3. I recently started to use it instead of JME2 and I have been having LOTS of trouble with the physics!  I have a racetrack model, and a custom camera node attached to a Physics Vehicle Node and that works fine and dandy, but the track, not so much. how would I generate a custom collision shape for my racetrack?

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Like this:

Spatial raceTrack=loadTrack();
//important - shapes do not scale with the Node due to multi-use, set scale before creating collision shape!
CollisionShape shape=CollisionShapeFactory.createMeshShape(raceTrack);
PhysicsNode trackPhysicsNode=new PhysicsNode(raceTrack,shape,0);
//important - rotate/place the physicsNode to the desired location, not the child!


Thanks a LOT! :smiley:

ACK  more problems, I tested it out and my vehicle bounces all over the place once I start driving!

So I guess you configured it wrong, theres some posts about the vehicle, might be your wheels dont touch the ground or you configured mass and damping wrong.

Hope this helps,


alright, I have changed the theme of my game. Instead of a car racing game it is now podracing, so I need a way to make my podracer float above the track, I already have figured out how to make it float and almost perfected it and I can make it float higher on command and lower too, but I need to know how high the track is underneath the pod of my racer. I can guess that it has ray picking involved?

you can shoot a pickray down and get the location of the intersection and then subtract it from the players location and take the length which will be equal to the total distance

I made the vehicle test easier tweakable and added a debug shape for the car suspension, maybe this helps getting your vehicles right.