JME3 Texture setBorderColor

Hi all,

I’m looking for the setBorderColor in the Texture class. It used to be there in JME2 but I’m not able to locate it anymore.

I also looked for a reference to the method in the wiki and in the forums but wasn’t able to find anything. I’m sorry if I missed it.

I need it to solve a issue with my own shadow renderer implementation.

Could you provide a reference to the setBorderColor method in JME3 or suggest a way to start implementing a similar method?

Thank you,


PS: I already posted this topic somewhere but it apparently vanished :expressionless:

Use shaders. If texcoord is outside [0, 1] range, set border color.

For shadows, there’s already a “Shadow_BorderCheck” function in the shader/shaderlib that might do what you’re asking.