jME3 with Maven Project

My team is beginning work on an MMO-type game and we’ve decided to use jMonkeyEngine. We’re in the stage of getting our development environment prepared, which includes getting the jMonkeyEngine libraries into our Maven repository. I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock! Oh noes!

So I downloaded the jMonkeyEngine SDK and have located the jME jars that come with it. The problem is I don’t know which ones to put into my maven repository, and we need to have all the dependencies tracked. It would be nice if there was a .zip or .tar.gz that had jME and all its dependencies in one convenient package, but really all I need is a list of jars to mavenize so they can be used in our project (and so the game updater can fetch them during installation or updating).



The nightly builds:

Should be what you’re looking for, they come with all the jars that are needed for jME

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Holy crap! Exactly what I needed! A collection of just the jars I need!


@erlend_sh : We aren’t interested in a script like that. That’s asking for a bit of trouble due to the way we do things.