Jmonkey as a career option for developers

hell jmonkey comunity
i want to tell this thing to students
why they chose jmonkey as carrer option

sorry its hello not hell

talking in india not about freelance jobs

also please give me a list of top quality games made in jmonkey and they are popular
i know lineage 2 guild wars tabular raza aion all in jmonkey and by ncsoft
but games other than that

where character are not so small as they are in these games.

Never hard about that.

You can find a list that we are aware of here.

And as for your first question - you would need to know the differences between each language to answer that. Personally, I enjoy writing in Java, I am proficient in many other languages but I prefer java.

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can u name ur other proficient language and why u prefer java over them

Why java? Because I’m sick of C# and VS.

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No, because you’re asking me to do your homework, and not only that - it’s highly ambiguous. I’m not trying to convince anybody, you are, and doing that can only come from personal experience.

thank u for ur response
and goodluck with the success of jmonkey engine

and u say iam trying to convience anybody

well if a client came to me and ask for a 3d game development
well i definetly present java strongly to him and tell what jmonkey can bring to his game over others game engine

i dont think that call conviencing .
strongly presenting ur skills to client.

Pretty much the definition of “convince”.


When you actually have the skills to write Java games then this will be a lot easier for you.

when you get out of high school, you will understand that this is not an appropriate way to solicit help.

You are asking us to help you do something that is beyond your capabilities. When you are a little older and have programmed some stuff then you will understand how to take on these things yourself… and/or learn to search the forum or google and get your answers.

Finish school. Become a better software developer.

…not really any short cuts for that.


become a better software devloper
u r the one who told me to write an astroid game by monday
i will give u that code with optimastion of code written
with complexities
but i dont think admin of this website like simple and innocent question to ask here
can u give me ur email address so that i can send code u there

In JME… that part is important. It’s as much a learning exercise for you as anything else.

No. I have enough young people to mentor on my own without taking on random strangers.

You can create a thread here on the forum for it. People post their projects all the time. Just put it in the appropriate category.

there is very good forum where u can discuss very basic question of java and jmonkey
forum for jmonkey basics

Erm, what’s wrong with this one?

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