Jmonkey Game Help -- VERY Urgent!

I need help with small jmonkey based gmae. In this, Using the Project Assets, SceneManager, and Terrain Editor, import a model and create a new Scene. if you can do it , i ll send you complete details and get back to me at brentnas ( at the rate ) yahoo ( dot) com
I need it done by 23rd march


Oh, boy…


My “doing someone’s homework” rates are quite high, actually.


I wonder whats more stupid. Thinking a teacher doesn’t look into the relevant internet forums or being a teacher and not looking into the relevant internet forums xD


That’s why he is not giving the details in public. He is the Master of Deception :chipmunk:.

I will do it for you, just leave it with me and I will deliver on time.

oh and if there are any problems, you can tell your teacher that an old man on the internet called The Toucher is very very keen to help out a young boy in need


So this is a “fight” between a ninja and

i’ve got your code ready… its in my pocket, just reach in there and grab it …

Last time you made me do that, it was just code… and I was disappointed. Heheh.

I’m cheaper than @pspeed! pick me pick me!

Please sir help in getting it done and I need it completed very urgently.I can’t attach it here as it’s pdf file. Can you give your email address so that I can send details

Do you get my last message sir??

Sir i have sent the details of the game in your email. please check it asap

I think you should stop sending messages and asking others to do your homeworks and start learning the basis to do it by yourself. You seem to be running out of time so… hurry up and invest your time where you must.

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hey jayfella, can you get it done asap ?

Are you serious??? Because this question is serious!!!

What class is this for? What school do you go to?

But this can actually be a good thing. There must be many people wanting to try out JME and not knowing where to start. And this might be a tutorial scoped mission. One will learn and get a sense of purpose as well.

Back in uni I did do a lot of other peoples programming tasks for them. I learned stuff and they got to skip the class they might not need but was mandatory. Or I managed to damage their future careers. Either way I got something out of it.

it is not for school, its for job interview ! Do you understand ?

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What job?

If I’m going to be doing all of the work then maybe I should apply for the job instead. Or at least give them a heads up that you are cheating.