jMonkey in Eclipse


I didn’t know where to post this message.

I decided to switch for Eclipse because Netbeans has too many small annoying bugs, and anyway I am more used to Eclipse professionnally.

Since I build the nightly SVN version, and don’t use jMonkeyEngine3.jar in my game project, I found two configuration errors in the file “.classpath”

For Eclipse to build jMonkey, I had to add the two following lines :

[xml]<classpathentry kind=“src” path=“src/blender”/>

<classpathentry kind=“lib” path=“lib/noise/noise-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar”/>[/xml]

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, fixed in SVN

Can you name some of those bugs so they can be fixed maybe?

Sorry I don’t understand, Normen.

Do you want me to add the word “bug” in the title ?

I guess he was referring to this:

Netbeans has too many small annoying bugs


Oh errr okay. I don’t remember them all.

I don’t think the problems come from the jMonkeyPlatform. I already used Netbeans standalone before and had the same bugs.

For exemple, I can’t select code, or move a scrollbar : it will start a window drag&drop.

It can suddenly refuse to startup you code without any apparent reason : you have to restart Netbeans.

The update system sometime fails and corrups the Netbean installation : you have to reinstall the platform.

Debugging can loop many times over the same instructions (wtf!) and sometimes fail to stop at a breakpoint.


I installed Findbugs in Eclipse. It’s a free tool I use all the time when I program in Java.

I made a single run on jMonkey and it found a lot of potential bugs :o

You should give it a try ! It’s very simple to use, and it gives golden informations about your code :

Exemple : infinite loop in Navigation.StringUtil()

[java]while (length < decimalPlaces) {

numStr += “0”;


The bug you mentioned first is fixed in the latest svn, it was only shortly there. The freezes due to the sceneviewer panel are largely fixed, waiting for a lwjgl update there. Updating the platform might break the install normally only when you either have the javadoc opened while updating or you have problems with the user rights on your system. The problems with the debugger i cant reproduce, you sure you set your breakpoints right? The jme update loop is loop-based as the name says, so maybe thats why your code gets ececuted multiple times? Findbug’s output on jME is largely boring, I run it from time to time.