jMonkeyBuilder: Features 'In-progress'

This topic is about features which are in implementing now.

-Implementing multi-selection in scene editor.
-Supporting new animation system.

-Spawning models tool.
-Supporting shader values in shader nodes editor.


what is OP? :slight_smile:

oh, ok, I have moved my post to the header post.

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The feature “spawn models tool” is almost done :wink:


“Batch method”, it automatically batches all spawned geometries.


So this could be used to place grass onto terrain as well?

yep :slight_smile:

I have finished implementing the tool:


Started to work on multi-selection in the Scene editor :slight_smile:

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Hey @javasabr, that is really an awesome tool for me.
It might even be the best one in jMB yet.

Well done on this!

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%sarcasm% :smiley:


Great, I can not wait to use it !! :grinning:

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Nice work!
My I suggest that you also offer the option to use instancing instead of batching?
Also it could be nice to be able to split in several batches to leverage frustum culling on big area.


I don’t have experience with instancing :frowning:

it creates batched instances separately between releasing the mouse button :wink:


There is an InstanceNode in JME that works like the BatchNode you can look at jmonkeyengine/ at master · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub
Though it’s just a suggestion, batching will most probably be more efficient.


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Hm, I will look at this node, thanks :slight_smile:

This would really depend on the model complexity being plotted. JMB could even suggest use one or other method depending on some kind of criteria (eg: vertices count).

Hm… I think that a better approach is to set, as @nehon suggested, a “chunk” parameter so the user can select the size of the splits. If the mouse is release or not, shouldn’t have any effect on this (so, if you want to modify the previous work you haven’t got to re-do the whole thing), each time you start drawing again (click), it has in mind the already placed objects and smartly manage the splitting and randomness by zones.

you can already choose one method of: batch, link, as is, so I need to add the method “instancing” else.

I agree that your option is better, but it is more difficult to implement, I will think about this later :slight_smile:

This could even be some Engine Feature. Unity, for instance, automatically batches geometries as it sees fit. The difficulty there would be to not make performance worse than without batching though, as the engine can never predict what the user want’s to do.

Precisely. I’d rather leave the control to the user.