jMonkeyEngine 3.1 alpha 1 released!

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At long last, we have our first alpha release for the jMonkeyEngine 3.1 SDK. Go get it on GitHub and start breaking things. Not only does this release mark the introduction of some absolutely game-changing features (or shall we say, abbreviations: iOS, FBX, VR!); it also marks a significant step forward in jME’s underlying infrastructure. In the…

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Yippee, this is amazing news.
I am very excited about this.

Great news! :slight_smile:

Big kudos @Momoko_Fan for the build thingy, you’re a champ :wink:


Great work guys, can I just ask that if there are any issues with 3.1 alpha, where would you like people to let you know of these. It would be nice to have a central place where people could go to both see raised issues and to raise new ones.

IMO the issue tracker on github is the place to post issues.
The master is 3.1 anyway.

We forgot to specify the author of the Discourse sync. Now I’m leeching precious likes :smiling_imp:
I changed the post author. Let’s see if I broke everything…

Since it stretched out over such a long time, we have a lot of people to thank for this release, and I wish I’d made a more conscious effort to track them all so we could put up a proper credits list like some other FOSS projects do. But these last few weeks, we do owe a special thanks to @Momoko_Fan for carrying us all on his back past the finish line.

Alpha you guys, it’s out there!


Great, thanks to all contributors!

Is there some Maven release?


Nice work! All the new features look really inviting! Waiting for a maven release and for a tutorial on multiple windows (when the feature becomes available) :smile:

Great work!
Any news about contributtion repo / plugins workflow?

The contributions update system already exists, we just need a build system which would check out the modules from the relevant Git repositories, build them, and then upload via SSH. It shouldn’t be very different from how its done currently for the SDK.

Link pls :slight_smile: I can’t find it :frowning:

What link?

Excellent work!!

Github release tab.
We’re sooo 2015 guys :wink:

Thanks for link.
Maybe we’re 2015, but I believe everyone can learn so called PR-related soft skills (namely: marketing) :stuck_out_tongue:
In this case: there should be ONE GIGANTIC “DOWNLOAD NEW AWESOME VERSION 3.1” direct link on the main page :stuck_out_tongue: At least I expected to find such a thing and didn’t dig deeper when I couldn’t.

P.S. Good job! Can’t wait to test those out :sunglasses:

Btw. can I just pull jMonkey engine jars from install folder and copypaste them to my project (I’m using IntelliJ)? In 3.0 I remember downloading jar’s only (without actual IDE software)…

Nice work.
How to use Geometry Instancing?
Is there any way to open 3.0 scenes in 3.1 SDK? Currently I’m getting error while trying to open

What is the error?

Just pop-up: Error opening j3o.