jMonkeyEngine 3.1 alpha 1 released!

Yeeeeehaaaaah! Well done, congrats and a big thank you to all involved :thumbsup: :smile:

Seriously awesome updates guys!

I am really looking forward to these performance improvements and new features.

Could you post your J3o please and tell us more about the context of the project?
Also do you have an error when trying to load it in game?

I really love the work made for this version. Congratulations to all that make this possible! I also want to mention that in this version you can try the new Nifty-Editor! I think that in the previous wasn’t available… or was it? :smile: . Anyway I hope to use the IDE soon for some side project! Great work again !

Awesome! :+1:

…very nice :slight_smile:

Great! I really like that you put iOS in front of all other features. :blush: I’m very excited about that, because yesterday I found out that the iPhone 6 zoom mode brings up new resolutions. Damn’ it! So I’m really looking forward to the new renderer…

I don’t think I saw the new nifty editor in the features list

I moved a post to a new topic: Question regarding geometry shaders

I’ve been porting my project to 3.1 for the performance improvements and have noticed a few things. I’m still tracking down the root cause behind a few of them but I noticed when I start my multiplier server it sets a flag on the serializer to block changes, but when I start the client it tries to register a few more jme classes and throws a runtime exception “Serializer registry locked trying to register class”. I register all my classes well before the server is started and i’m not sure what changed with the serializer. I noticed that if I manually call the static method to unlock it that my server starts fine.

see [Solved for now]Serializer locked error. What does it mean? Version jme 3.1 :monkey:


Thanks, that helps with the background for it. I’ll just disable the lock for now until the same instance start bug is fixed.

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Congrats on the 3.1 beta release! Its terrific to have another importer, fbx will be a wonderful addition to the capabilities of JME. But I have to ask, why get rid of the OgreXML importer? The fbx format is a proprietary format, owned by Autodesk since 2006. Has anyone taken this into consideration? I’m all for multiple importers, but to ditch an open format importer for a proprietary one seems like an unfortunate decision. If lack of developers to maintain the importer is the issue, I would gladly step forward myself to help continue supporting this format (alongside fbx of course).

I know my concern is mostly ideological, but that is primarily the reason I use JME3 over the Unity3D engine. Open source and open format vs closed source and closed format. I really don’t want Autodesk coming at me for royalties for the games I create, I’m poor enough as it is. :worried: (and yes, I understand that a released game technically should only use .j3o, but I get lazy sometimes :smile: )

As it currently stands, in JME, I have a fully functional blender->OgreXML exporter that supports everything I currently need and can imagine needing (skeletal animation, shapekeys, specular, bumpmapping, transparencies, I can’t think of something it doesn’t support honestly) for the forseeable future of my game development career (hobby). I beg you guys not to remove the OgreXML importer.

As for adding the fbx importer, I completely understand the desire to be able to use assets from Unity3D. I’ve had several game development buddies tell me how great the Unity 3D engine is just for its assets. I’ve rebutted with how great the JMonkey Engine is for its open sourceness (and great community!).

It will be awesome to be able to tell the Unity3D enthusiasts that we can load their content. Maybe I’ll be able to convert a few souls over to JME when the fbx format is fully supported. :smile:

The idea behind FBX is that we can potentially load things from asset stores directly without requiring the user to figure out a whole other tool suite just to do the conversion. (Blender’s Ogre exporter is not exactly user-friendly if you’ve never used Blender before… and even then…)

I don’t think there are plans to remove ogre support but I guess the question is how much longer that exporter will be maintained by the blender community. Last I looked it seemed to be moved into some kind of “unofficially supported” status or something. I know I had to go somewhere weird to get a version that worked with my Blender install or something.

Edit: in the mean time, you might want to keep an eye on xbuf and potentially test it occasionally (or offer some test models if you find issues). To me, that seems like the best hope for a fluid Blender to JME asset pipeline. Xbuf format – A developer friendly game exchange format for 3d data

We didn’t… and won’t…

I’m so relieved to hear that, and glad it was just my misunderstanding :smile:

I had to go back to 3.0 to do Android development since for some reason it does not create what is needed for an android project and I can’t choose a target

For now I use 3.1 for desktop release only

Wait where is the features list? I guess I missed it…

I did some weird stuff migrating from 3.05 to 3.1 so can’t recall (and probably shouldn’t lol) all the steps I went through.
But it also didn’t allow me to target an android version either, like you… can’t say if it’s a bug because I kinda dildoed all the way.
In properties/android, clicking the “Run Android Target Configuration Utility” button didn’t do anything.
After some jiggling, where I would (multiple times):

  • uncheck / recheck Enable Android Development (with compile on save unchecked)
  • clean and build
  • resave the MainActivity file
    … I was able to click that target button and from there, link to the android sdk and then choose a target and the mobile files appeared.

I have other problems with android on 3.1, but those might be simply me being an idiot, so I’ll make a post about that somewhere else.

Migrating to desktop 3.1 was a total breeze. And using tonegodGUI version from brainless-studios (thanks a LOT guys) made that lib work on 3.1 perfectly. And don’t get me started with the fact that 3.1 solved a visual glitch I had on desktop only, when using unshaded… because imma gonna hoorah into everybody’s ears otherwise!


Do you have maven repository?