jMonkeyEngine for Java 5?


I was wondering if there is any version of jMonkeyEngine for Java 5? Since I have a PowerMac G4 I cannot run any applications above Java 5. I tried running the latest version of jMonkeyEngine but it just bounces in my dock and closes itself.

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sorry jme 3.0 is java 6 min, and 3.1 java 7 min.

If the only hardware you have access to is a G4 PowerMac, but still want to develop, you might want to consider dual-booting to Linux. Most major distros have a PowerPC port, and then you can run OpenJDK, which is also ported for the architecture.

Since the newest of the PowerMac G-series are 10 years old, and were not very mainstream even then, I would not worry about end users not being able to run your game. There are not enough of them to matter.

EDIT: alternatively, there are These instructions which purport to show how to build OpenJDK (with Java 7/8 support) directly for OSX Leopard. I do not have a mac, and have never built OpenJDK at all. If you are new to developing, take this slow, and be sure of what you download - I have no way of knowing if this does what it claims to, so user beware.


Then you also have a openGL1.0 video card… but you can still code for the command line, like on Nethack.

I somehow have the feeling that even if there were, your system would barely be able to open a current IDE, let alone run any graphic intensive application.

Debian Linux would work, sailsman63 is right but you would get only OpenGL 1.3 with an ATI Radeon 9000 Pro. You could use JMonkeyEngine 2 but you couldn’t use JMonkeyEngine 3.