Jmonkeyengine Games and 4K UI & Display

I have gone through a review of game made with Jmonkeyengine (Rising World 2014).
Reivew:UI still needs alot of work to be playable.”
Answer by Dev:
" Hi, the UI in the Java version was indeed a bit problematic (non-scalable, issues on 4K or ultrawide screens etc)… however, we’re currently moving the game to another engine and we also reworked the UI from scratch. Now it should work properly on most resolutions (including 1080p, 4K, 8K etc) and aspect ratios (16:9, 21:9, 32:9 etc), and the UI automatically scales to the resolution (so it remains readable, independent of the resolution) :wink:

The new version isn’t fully ready yet (some important features are still missing), that’s why it’s currently still in a beta branch on Steam and needs to be enabled manually. We expect it to replace the Java version soon (but ofc the Java version will also remain playable). If you already want to give it a try, this topic contains more information about how to enable it: How to play the new version? :: Rising World General Discussions

If you still experience any UI issues in the new version (or if you have any suggestions about the UI), we would appreciate any feedback in this area :slight_smile: "

is this issue with Java and Jmonkeyengine still there ??

Hard to say without more information.

I have scalable UIs all the time in JME.

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same, no problem for me in 4k.

also Java have nothing to do with UI, you can use C++ UI in JME too.

I just needed to use bigger resolution font based on area size and thats all.

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Yeah, like Paul said, would need more information to fully understand. But I doubt that there has ever been a problem, just in their implementation. I haven’t experienced these. When they say Java version, they mean a version of their product. Doesn’t mean that there is a problem with Java or jME.

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Rising World was Developed with JME3 in 2014 and in 2018 the dev moved to Unity Engine. So, he is describing the issue on JME side. Java version means Jmonkeyengine version of game. By the way its the successful jme game on steam until now !

Yes, but it is their implementation. That was my point. If I make a game in Java and/or jME, I don’t necessarily suffer the same bugs/features as they do. My product is different. And we can’t really infer here anything. But this is my takeaway from this (basically guessing). They just failed to make these things work for them, but highly unlikely that it has anything to do with Java or jME.

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if you got A, B, C UI libs.

They chosen A and had problems, do not mean someone who chosen B will got this problems.

For every engine are “broken games” and “very well written games” too.

Also usually if someone start writing game in Engine A, in start were learning and made more mistakes, so later doing in B they will do it better anyway.

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To further add one example, this is close to my heart. Cities: Skylines 2. A Finnish game, from land of thousand lakes and… me. Both games, the first one and this was made with Unity. But the second one doesn’t run, at all. Draw call count through the roof and all kinds of problems. Damn, on the launch, even the main menu lagged for my Geforce 4070.

What some people seemed take out from this was that Unity sucked. Not even realizing the first game was also an Unity game. What would be more accurate takeaway is probably that Colossal Order sucked. Even with all the experience from the first game, with the same engine, they managed to produce this unrunnable alpha version.

Anyway, I have trust in CO. Cities 2 will be fixed at some day :slight_smile:


I’d put it down to the dangerously common programmer impulse of “if we totally rewrote everything it would all be amazing” rather than the boring but more sensible “if we fixed a few things with the existing application we wouldnt have these issues”


Thank you all for your input. Posting a new question :grinning:

is it broken now? thought to buy this for family.

But ye, very good example it seems for this topic.

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Still. Try next year. I just bought 14th gen Intel and my 4070 RTX… 2k resolution, to get it playable I have to strip down everything and the game looks like it was made in 1999. Even worse, so blurry.

The performance seems to vary hugely among setups, but generally horrible. And once you get past performance, there is an unfinished game waiting there. Clearly there is a lot of potential and I for one didn’t refund my 89€ deluxe version.

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