jMonkeyEngine is able to make a game like Minecraft from scratch?

I downloaded Cubes framework for jMonkeyEngine, and was wondering if it would be possible to make Minecraft scratch. Just like the original



We need an FAQ section :smiley:

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…far more than Minecraft…unrelated to this thread, i did noticed that a lot of people underestimating Java powered engines…personally, i consider myself language agnostic, and i truly do not care which language i use, long as i can deliver what im aiming at…so, im wondering, as a person who came from Bmx/C++ background, what is it that people makes suspicious about java written game/engines ?

True, since Minecraft is written in Java, also.

emacs versus vi. It cannot be explained.

i know Minecraft was written in Java, ‘unrelated to this thread’ was remark about my question regarding suspicious minds towards java :slight_smile:

Yes, I mean that “to java or not to java” was never going to be the topic of this thread because everything in this thread so far has already been based on Java. So I was agreeing with you that your posted was totally unrelated to this thread. “Suspicious to java” was never going to come up in this thread otherwise.

It’s kind of a waste of a thread anyway so it’s cool to be off topic. :slight_smile: Poorly asked question with an obvious answer (as question was worded).

Mythruna /thread

If someone can do this and this, I don’t see why you can’t. But don’t use any Minecraft assets in the final game, you might get problems with Mojang.

I want a Minecraft clone, no, I will not use the Assets of Mojang, just asked because I wanted to know if in jME would be able to make such a complex game :grin:

This is not related to the engine. With the engine, you can make any game you want. It only depends on your dedication, creativity, and knowledge. The engine only gives you a hand, taking care of the basic things for you, so you have more time to focus on the game development.

An example: let’s suppose the trees are games, and the fertilizant is the engine.

You planted a tree. You watered the tree everyday, and slowy, it grew up. Now, the tree is looking lovely and fresh.

Suppose you planted another tree, but used fertilizant this time. The tree grew up much faster than the other tree. Now you have two lovely trees, in which you can put a hammock for you to relax.

However, the two trees are slightly different. One looks much more natural than the other, and his leafs seem to have more “life” than the fertilized one.

You can use fertilizer (engine) to grow any type of trees faster (games). However, a tree is more beautiful if it grows up without additives. (without an engine)

What I want to say is that you can use the engine to create any game you want. But if you want your game to be more “natural” and to have full control of it, you must write your own engine. Of course this is very hard to do and takes a lot of time, so use the fertilizer instead for now. :slight_smile:

And the tree you grew by hand is now constantly infested with insects that the less natural tree isn’t. It starts randomly dropping leaves and you realize you didn’t give it enough water on one side and now it’s half dying. Whereas the fertilized tree weathers every storm. For the hand-grown tree, you try to plant flowers around the base and the whole thing shrivels up and turns black.

You could make a game that looks and plays exactly like Minecraft in JME. There would be no noticeable difference in game play at all. Zero. One set of leaves does not look any different form the other.

The only good reason to go straight to lwjgl to make a game (instead of JME) is if you want to learn how engines like JME work. But then you aren’t really writing a game, you are learning how low level APIs work.

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A way better analogy is ‘building a house’.

On the one hand, you can grow and saw your own lumber. Design your own blueprints. Build the house up from scratch board-by-board. Run all of the plumbing and wiring yourself. You will know where every board in that house is placed. You probably also built it several times to recover from the first story collapse that happened when adding the second story. The fourth time you just decide to make a one floor house.

On the other hand, you can buy your lumber and tools from the hardware store. You can find off the shelf blueprints that allow customization. You can even ask some actual real life architects how to combine multiple blueprints that you’ve found and get expert advice. Maybe you even find some prefab walls and structures that are already exactly as you wanted and that lets you build a three story house instead of two. With the extra time you save, you are able to wire the whole thing for internet and have security cameras wherever you want. You also put in a pool in the backyard with the money and time you saved and go ahead and add a two-car garage for good measure.

You may not know where every board is placed in every wall… but man, I would much rather have the second house in a few years versus the first house in 20 years.

It not just very possible to make an game like minecraft, but easier then with any other game engine, because :

  1. There is a lot ( realy a lot ) of peaple here that made games like minecraft, @pspeed included, and they can help you with doubts.
  2. There is a lot of source code available to use about this kind of game here.
  3. There is a ton of topics in this forum talking just about how to deal with voxel problems and ideas.
  4. Since Jme is in java, and minecraft also was made in java, its easy to copy ideais from the minecraft engine/code to jme.

Answer my other question about Minecraft in jME, I need help!

I think you should start learning to program games by a simpler point. Try making a few simpler games first before jumping right into the hardest kind.

This is not meant to be discouraging. If every carpenter started with trying to make a grand piano then almost every one would give up and never succeed.