jMonkeyEngine Prototype Assets

Hello all I have been creating a lot of 3D models for my current android game and I thought it would be great to create a prototype asset pack that would be free for everyone to use in jmonkey engine format. One thing I was wondering is does anyone know the font for the jMonkeyEngine logo? Oh and if you have any requests for models sounds or textures let me know I will create it and add it to the asset pack.

“If you have something in mind make sure that it is generic and there is no asset I have already listed that could be used for what your asking.”

EDIT: I forgot to put the list of assets I plan on making for this I will update the list as more are for sure to be added to the project.

Character arms
Hand Gun

Thanks everybody.

Vote Cartoon or Realistic


Thanks @skidrunner . It is cool idea.
I have also lots of high quality 3d models which gathered from edited them to be suitable to game and converted to .j3o. Yesterday I asked them if I can share them freely with others. I am waiting for their response.
If they accept, we can create a site like and upload our .j3o models there.
If every one upload a model, at the end we will have lots of models freely are available in .j3o format.

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It’s called Foo

Note that it’s not free for embedding

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the price is $0.00
and you have the all four licenses : desktop, web, ebook and mobile, each of these allow embedding the font.

eh, no… :pensive: The website is a bit misleading about this.
Those are all the available licenses, but only the Desktop one is free.
Click Add to Cart and you will see the actual prices.

your right … :confused:

Would love some simple, low-poly genre-specific packages, like an RTS package for use with @methusalah’s OpenRTS.

Example from Unity asset store

@jayfella has been working on something exactly like this. There’s no ETA yet but, this is planned :smile:


Really Cool.

We can have our JME store and every one can put his model for sale or for free.
It will turn to be really brilliant . :smiley:

Hope to here good news about this soon.


Definitely just for free assets for the foreseeable future. Incorporating payment gateways, not to mention just dealing with money in general, is a pain.


well that’s a bummer about the font

No - Can I build the font into a computer game, mobile app, eBook, phone, printer, TV or camera?

Ok so creating a font is on the list now too. I have a bunch of assets I am planning on creating very simple to start off but if we all work together we can keep updating them think of this like an asset wiki where each asset is a wiki page.

I am hoping that these assets will be good enough to be shipped with the standard SDK so I am not even think about money do development for a bank as soon as you start putting money into a web app there are way too many things you need to consider especially for an open source engine it just sounds wrong…LOL

My thoughts are if you want to sell your assets there are plenty of sights out there you could put your assets on even if they are int j3o format.

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There is no ETA sadly - it will not take months though. I am keeping the core channel updated with my progress, and there will be a few days of in-house testing before-hand. A month, maybe 2. That’s the best I can offer in terms of a date.

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Commit, push and help might be around the corner :wink:

Why is the font so important? What will you be using the font for? Can’t you just dig around a bit and find another jME-ish font that’s 100% freely licensed?

The font is not important I just thought it was one of the branding things about jMonkeyEngine. personally I was planning on a more standard font like ubuntu, roboto, and arial.

this will be more about creating a standard splash screen asset for the asset pack. again this is not important just future feature of the package I am only focusing on character right now modeling is done need to look into animation should be a snap though.

@jayfella hopefully we will both be done around the same time more free standard assets are one of the things I feel that jmonkey is missing. I’ll drop some art out here for you all to see the direction I am planning on going with this.

@erlend_sh oh by the way what kind of assets for an RTS game were you thinking about? I’ll see what I can do.

Hi guys ! I’m reading :slight_smile:

I would like to point the OpenRTS issues page for 3D assets, where i’ve created some tickets of needed assets for the sample game we are working on. Maybe you will find some inspiration?

If you’re creating a model intended to be used in a RTS game, don’t forget to include a submesh that will allow in-game coloring for faction recognition.

Have fun !

Just the very basics, like:

  • 2 building types
  • 2 unit types (with minimal or 0 animations needed. Units like floating heads and such are good for this)
  • 2-3 ground textures that can be mixed & matched together.
  • Trees and other doodads (applicable to other games too).

Plus the buildings and units should have team colors. @methusalah tells me “it’s only a matter of making a submesh”. You can probably poke him for slightly more specific details.

Another cool low-poly project worth looking at is Blender-based asset generator for trees, rocks etc.

Also, it would be nice, if we had all the assets already in test-data.jar of jME as .blend files.
There is currently no way to convert .j3o or .mesh.xml back to .blend - am I right?
There are some nice assets - for example, the elephant has a skeleton, but no animations - one could easily add keyframe animations in Blender to the elephant from jME3-testdata/Models/Elephant/ - if one had the Blender file for that nice asset…

Thanks for the feed back I just finished 6 road pieces and 8 modular building pieces. I will post some pictures of these. funny to say these are prototypes of my prototypes…LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

@erlend_sh I have something in mind for your units and buildings already including your team colors. but I will start off with what you have and plan on completing this list:

Town Center
Storage Pit
Watch Tower

Fishing Boat
Transport Boat




I can probably get the ones I have in bold done in a matter of days.

@Ogli I’ll clone jME3-testdata on gethub and dont worry I’ll include the .blend files.


@jayfella it would be sweet if there was a survey that could be embedded in the forms.

I was wondering if people like realistic assets or cartoon assets more because all the assets I am creating are only prototype assets I am this would be for proportion sake only.


I love Bitgem’s work but I was thinking something more like his 2 Head Height stuff.