jMonkeyEngine Tutorial on Video2Brain

Hi there guys,

I am new to the JME world and dunno much about it yet. There are some nice tutorials and cookings already for JME - of course in English. For me as a german native speaker it would be definetly easier to learn with my native language - as would be to other Germans - so I have a suggestion and a request to you all.

First I want to introduce Video2Brain (V2B) for all those who don’t know it. V2B is a video learning platform for a big range of topics with more or less detailed informations to those topics.
Currently they produce video trainings in german language with a high amount of users.

So, there was a suggestion by an user of V2B for making a video training for JME.

My urgent request to you is to vote that suggestion up to improve the importance for this video training. (maybe you have to login to vote)

Which advantages gives that to JME?

  • JME would get more popular - as it is already - and would compete the rival Unity3d much more.
  • JME would own a german tutorial (I don’t know how much german speaker here are) and extends the variety of users.

So please support my suggestion and vote for it.

Thank you in advantage for reading this text.



That is a great idea: I’m all for advancing the knowledge base, even in foreign languages. That said, I can’t read a bit of German, so wouldn’t be able to up vote it. I can say “Go for it, and good luck!”

Game On,

Thank you Charles for the positive feedback.

In the meantime (while hopefully the video training will made anytime) there is a german video tutorial on youtube for jME.