jMonkeyEngine v3.3.0 beta1 released

I was finally able to get the stars to align correctly to cut 3.3 beta1. It’s available on bintray/jcenter. I’ve tested it locally and it seems to work and the version number is correct. etc…

I personally don’t have time to gather things and update the documentation. There is a 3.3 google doc that someone started a while back and that’s what the github release refers to. If someone wants to volunteer to update it, I have the complete changelog of differences between the most recent 3.2 release and 3.3.0 beta1 that I can provide… or you can just use this GIT command:

git log v3.2.4-stable..v3.3.0-beta1 --name-status --cherry > v3.3.0-beta1.txt

I would post it here but it’s too big… though I did clean out the e-mail addresses as if I was going to post it.

If beta1 goes well then hopefully we can get to a 3.3.0 stable really quickly. I’m hoping we can skip a beta2 if everything looks good.


nice work :slight_smile:

odd thing is that im still getting alpha5 for “[3.3,)”, maybe gradle think its bigger number so take it?

or maybe its issue with our alias server.

Anyway will check it later as always using here newest packages.

I stopped using ranges a long time ago so I don’t know if there are resolution problems with that or not.

The version is right in the pom.

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yes, when i changed to “jmeVersion = ‘3.3.0-beta1’” it works fine :slight_smile:

Hello, i made no changes to some test, but after switch from alpha5 to beta1 now i had second time exception.

I send issue to github.

Seems related to morph shapes. seems related to last changes in below commit(but really dont know why it would break):


@joliver82 see github issue

Looks like you guys sorted out what the issue is in that thread. Hopefully someone will make a PR that we can include in beta2.

Hi @pspeed,
I have tested against this version on android and it seems like sound on android does not work.

It is related to this topic.