jMonkeyEngine v3.4.0-stable release

Today (30 May) version 3.4.0-stable of JMonkeyEngine was released to Maven Central:

May it meet with approval!

My sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to v3.4: proposing enhancements, testing libraries/examples, reporting issues, submitting/reviewing/integrating pull requests, writing/updating documentation, and in myriad other ways.

At this time, there’s no v3.4 SDK, and the Wiki still needs further updates.

Detailed lists of upgrade considerations, new features, bugs addressed, general improvements, and deprecations may be viewed on Github.

Note particularly the following very important changes relative to JMonkeyEngine v3.3:

  • Gamma correction is enabled by default.
  • Vsync is enabled by default.
  • Maven artifacts aren’t available from JCenter.
  • The “jme3-bullet”, “jme3-bullet-native”, and “jme-bullet-native-android” libraries (physics using native Bullet) were removed.
  • The “jme3-blender” library (Blender importer) was removed.

I’ll send a brief note to our financial contributors at Open Collective.

Would anyone care to draft an announcement for our blog?


Thanks for all of the effort that you put into this, @sgold. It really is appreciated… and I know this release was probably a little like passing a kidney stone. :slight_smile:


Aren’t they all? :wink:


Thank you so much, Stephen. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much Stephen and all the other contributors

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Thank you!

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Thanks all!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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One question, why are the test sources not in the release, I know the source zip has everything in terms of the source, but given that the release includes packaged sources for what I assume is convenience seems odd that the test-data is included but not the actual tests, just curious, because you kinda have to download some things twice to get to the tests

There are 2 types of tests in the Engine project: automated tests (such as those in jme3-core/src/test) and jme3-examples tests. Sources for both are published for the v3.4.0-stable release.

The jme3-examples test sources may be found in the the jme3-examples JARs published to Maven Central:

Automated tests aren’t included in any JARs published to Maven Central. They are, however, included in the assets published to Github:

I believe the rationale for omitting automated tests from the JARs is that the JARs are intended for those who merely wish to use the libraries, whereas the Github assets are more useful for those who wish to modify the libraries.

yeah I am referring to the examples I am having a bit of trouble with your reply though

um I don’t think so, unless I am misunderstanding you there is no jme-examples.jar in the source directory…unless I am terribly misinterpreting your post, I am looking inside the archive as we “speak”, the compiled examples can be run from jMonkeyEngine3.jar included at the “top” of the
extracted directory but there are no associated sources, its not really a “big deal” because can find and download it, just feels inconsistentto not be part of, is all

there is no jme-examples.jar in the source directory

True, but at the bottom of the release webpage, there is a section titled “Assets” which lists 3 downloadable files. One of those is the application ZIP you already found. There you’ll also find ZIP and TAR archives containing the source code for the entire Engine, including tests.

We could provide a merged-sources JAR as well, but that would be redundant, since a JAR is essentially just a ZIP archive.

yeah I know, that it’s kinda what I was getting at when I said this of the jme-examples,

…but you pointed me to the much smaller Central Repository: org/jmonkeyengine/jme3-examples/3.4.0-stable so I am good


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Just one request though, could the jme-examples source download locations like:

be referenced in future release announcements…though it save time and allow unfamiliar users to know whats what and where


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Thanks for the great work @sgold and all the team!

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