jMonkeyEngine v3.4.1 release

Today (4 December) version 3.4.1-stable of JMonkeyEngine was released to GitHub and Maven Central. It’s a small patch release, likely the last JME release with any Java 7 support.

I’m grateful to everyone who contributed to this release, including vxel, tonihele, and scenemax3d.

There are no known breaking changes relative to 3.4.0-stable. If you’re currently developing with JME v3.4.0, I recommend upgrading to v3.4.1 as soon as possible. It should be a simple matter of editing your build scripts and performing a clean build.

Release contents:

  • Bugs and defects addressed:
    • crashes while deleting native objects (issue #1614, PR #1617)
    • can’t recover from a disconnected audio device (PR #1593)
    • Android devices can’t load assets whose names start with “/” (issue #352, PR #1577)
    • assertion failure while loading a valid glTF model (issue #1089)
  • Performance improvements:
    • faster loading of AWT-based texture assets (PR #1613)
    • improved performance in (issue #1672, PR #1673)

Release links:

At this time, there’s still no v3.4 SDK, and the WIki hasn’t been updated.

I’ll send a brief note to our financial contributors at Open Collective and post a brief announcement to our blog.


I created the blog post as a pull request, so folks can review it before it goes public:


The blog post should be public now.

  1. Technically it’s a “devlog” post, not a blog post. Apparently those are separate things.
  2. For reasons I don’t understand, the original post was formatted to look like bad poetry. Sorry about that! I reformatted it.

Where do we go to see this blog post

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Took me a bit to find it, too. At the top of the page, there is a header-bar. The blog is under the navigation option.


I note that the navigation bar only comes up if one scrolls all the way to the top of the page. Maybe it should appear whenever one scrolls up?

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Thanks for the link.

I never go to the home page anymore.

Should have another link on the drop down in the forum under navigation. Even though “HOME” is devlog, you should list devlog. Just for people like me that don’t know “HOME PAGE” is devlog, Blog is not Devlog.

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Actually, it appears that the home page includes both the blog and the devlog.

I agree that a link to the devlog should be added to the Forum sidebar. I’ve opened an issue to request that change: