jMonkeyEngine WIPs mashup video

Continuing the discussion from Submit your project footage for a jME showcase video:


A big thank you to everyone who submitted footage!

You might notice that I’ve called it a “WIPs mashup”, even though there are a few projects at RELEASED status in there. I realised I was probably on to something the first time I did this: For a “rapid-fire” showcase like this, it makes the most sense to feature in-development footage. The more polished games at the pre-release stage ought to be circulating their own kick-ass promo videos at that point anyhow.

A few lessons learned

  • Video ought to be out within at least 2 weeks after submission deadline to keep momentum going. A little over a month between making the announcement and putting the video out was a tad too long. Props to @MoffKalast for taking matters into his own hands though.
  • Project statuses should be formalised. Some had status like “Development” which is a bit nondescript.
  • I should have been more strict about “clean” videos. I don’t wanna see your OS dock bruh! (don’t sweat it though :stuck_out_tongue: )

Edit: The reviews are in!


Awesome! Now this has a much better flow and looks far more professional than mine. :smile:

That slightly annoyed me too, we should have had this image in the original post:



You should let the text boxes stay there a little longer next time.
It’s really hard to read the content before it disappears.

Yeah, I said our project was “Development” because the selection of “prototyping, beta or released” didn’t fit our game’s status.

A prototype is to be discarded by definition (sloppy hacked code).
Beta is near production ready, released is still years away :smiley:

Yes, give us complete bullet points as shown in the post above me here.


For me:

Prototype: something is there, but might not even show on screen
Alpha: something is playable, but features are worked on. Crashes and bugs in abundance.
Beta: feature freeze (ish), it is ready to be given to testers.
Released: purchasable/downloadable

or if you prefer:

Prototype: only the devs can play with it
Alpha: can be tested by members of the team
Beta: can be tested by people outside of the team
Released: can be used by anyone.

@Pesegato perhaps I haven’t made it obvious enough:

“Prototyping” isn’t even a thing, at least not by the de facto standards. Closest to it would be pre-alpha or “messing around”. It’s all there explained in great detail…