Submit your project footage for a jME showcase video

Back in 2012 (holy monkey balls that’s 3 years ago) we put out a call for gameplay/progress footage for us to use in a showcase video. That video never materialised as a release-video, but I did put together a simple mashup of the games there were submitted:

I’d like to try this again. Sort of the video-equivalent to the monthly showcase. Maybe it could be a quarterly thing.

Looking for showcase footage

I will be making a simple, unceremonious mashup video of projects developed in jMonkeyEngine. Anything from early prototypes to released projects is welcome. The only requirement is that something graphical is going on on-screen. Depending on the amount of footage I get, I might make two videos: One for mature projects and one for “cool stuff we’re tinkering with”.

What I need from you

  1. Record a 20 second .avi/.mp4/.mov video – We recommend the Simple Way.
  • No sound please.
  1. Make it no less than 720p (1280×720 pixels).
  • You can go higher resolution, but please stick with the same 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • You may do some pre-editing of your own, e.g. to conflate some different action shots.
  1. Reply to this topic, following the Application Template below.
  • You may post multiple projects (looking at you @ndebruyn). Just do it in separate replies.

Application Template - Please include:

  • Your real first name (full name optional), and any teammates’ names.
  • Your forum nickname.
  • Your project’s name.
  • Your project’s status (prototyping, beta, released etc.)
  • A link to download your video
  • Please use common services like Google Drive or Dropbox. If you’d rather not share your file in public, you can send it to, but please still create a reply here, or else I might lose track of your project).
  • 3 pictures depicting your progress thus far.
  • Optional: Link(s) to your project (one main link and any other you’d like to share)


What is the deadline?
Tentative deadline is 6. September 2015.

Can I submit footage of “tooling”?
As long as it’s made with or directly integrated with jME somehow, yes, absolutely.


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Name: Daniel Mosquera
Nickname: bloodwalker
Project Name: Multi Dominoes
Project Status: Beta
Video Link:


Name: David Bernard
Nickname: david_bernard_31
Project Name: jme3_ext_deferred
Project Status: ALPHA
Project URL: GitHub - davidB/jme3_ext_deferred: [experimental] a deferred rendering for jME3
Video Link: Dropbox - deferred_2015-08-25.mp4 - Simplify your life


Name: David Bernard
Nickname: david_bernard_31
Project Name: p0cm0n (with zero)
Project Status: Prototype (LudumDare 48H)
Project URL: Ludum Dare 31 | Ludum Dare
Video Link: Dropbox - p0cm0n-0.3.0_20141202_x20001-0442.ogv - Simplify your life (a gameplay x2)


Real name: Andreas Altwein
Forum Nickname: Andreas_Heidt_Altwei
Project name: Nickyland
Project Status: Pre Alpha (in development since Jule 2015)
Video link: nickylandPreAlpha.avi - Google Drive
Project link: (currently only in German language :frowning: )

And the obligatory pictures:

Game start menu

Running the game



Name: Moff Kalast (honestly I’d rather not use my real name)
Nickname: @MoffKalast
Project Name: Lightspeed Patrol
Project Status: Pre-Alpha
Video Link:
Links: Official Site, IndieDB


Name: Philip
Nickname: @empires
Project Name: Falling Stars: War of Empires
Project Status: Beta
Video Link: Falling Stars: War of Empires - YouTube
Links: Falling Stars - War of Empires | Lock 'n Load Publishing Forums
Steam Community :: Error


This looks fantastic and congratulations on being Greenlit.

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Name: BrutalHack (We are a team)
Nickname: zanval
Project Name: Project Aleron
Project Status: Development
Download Link:
Links to Project:


Erlend, I think you should also include some shots of non game stuff, such as [devlog] Bullet SoftBody in JME3.1

and some of the others from the monthly WIP threads.

I absolutely will. There’s already one example of it above by @david_bernard_31 with his deferred renderer.

I know there are lots of other cool projects still lurking out there. I’m gonna have to go out and make house calls soon.

Is there something about the requirements that seems like too much work for some people?

Name: Michele
Nickname: pesegato
Project Name: Phenomenally powerful princess Pink vs the scary stinking slimy slugs
Project status: prototype
Video: Dropbox - Error



It just may be that some people are going back to university, and are busy with the beginning of the school year and dont check the forum often. Im sure if you send a few pms around to some of the project authors that you’ll get some responses. Im excited for this video, as the last video uploaded to the jmonkey youtube page was 3 years ago.

Name: Can’t remember
Nickname: KKrunch
Project Name: Growing Trees
Project Status: Prototype
Video Link(s):



Name: Michael Braunstingl
Forum Nickname: Apollo
Project’s Name: papaSpace
Status: Prototyping
Video link:


Name: Team 4Realms (Christophe / Sébastien / Jonathan / Philippe)
Forum Nickname: @Kriss4Realms
Project Name: Chaos : In the Darkness
Project Status: will be soon released !
Project WebSite :
Video link: Dropbox - Error


Name: Nicki de Bruyn
Nickname: ndebruyn
Project Name: Wonderball Adventures
Project Status: Released Android (
Video Link: