(September 2015) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

As deadline is near,let’s post our screenshots and footages too!I’ll post mine tomorrow as i don’t have access to my projects today :blush:

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Some screens from Skullstone, taken while coding the battle system.


Last month some people asked for a video of this project. You can find the video here (click) .
(For unknown reasons, the link doesn’t work with my Firefox, so if you have problems viewing it please report.)


So this is a basic animation test running on android for my Penelope project.

I realize that a still image doesn’t really spark interest so I decided to get a screen recorder on my android and show off the FBX animations. The FBX was imported into Blender and exported as Ogre.mesh.xml I created a HOW TO for those of you interested in using premade FBX assest.


May I introduce you the game I am working on since March?
Currently it’s more of a Feature-Demo, it misses the real interaction (the opponents shooting at you).

“The Slaughter” might have a strange story and some people might think I am insane (search the net for “Hatred”) but it’s basically about slaughtering the world around you.
I do not intend to help people train their rampage but that’s my worries currently.
The game should be ironic and irrealistic (as you can kill people with ABC weapons, zombify them, slap them with a banana) and also joke about minorities and humanity in general.

May I introduce you Paige? A hot blonde girl equipped with a dual-fireaxe setup :stuck_out_tongue:
The Image Quality looks bad because my Retina (Mac) Screen Resolution is higher than the 1050p I used in JME (but it would be possible at full resolution :P)

You can see the “idyllic” situation :smiley: I suck at modelling/animation as you will see in those screenshots, especially those houses, BUT: It’s “procedural” and “Open World”!
The World is made by a random seed and so it varies the roads, the garden (Paige is standing in one) or the houses (more buildings to come)

This is Page currently with the Gun-Target animation :smiley: She is preparing execute on that poor Chinese guy (I ruined the textures as I was trying to merge his mesh into one mesh).

Due to nice bugs, this is Paige sniping from on top of the building (quickly running on the pavement makes the capsule fly high)

Now some more words about the techniques: It currently supports Nav-Meshes (though at it’s current state not really necessary), it already has a looting system and will have more rpg-like systems (XP & Leveling, selectable Perks, maybe some spells), Vendors, it is DualShock compatible and yeah, that’s it so far.

Feel free to PM me about my concern. I feel like creating an unwanted game as nobody want’s to play a Game like hatred. I need to find out how to twist it into a fun/ironic game.
Most other games simply declare the opponents as villains, but I don’t want to go into that “The Government is against us, we are guerillia”-Theme.


Just don’t let the game take itself seriously. Add ridiculous weapons (as you mentioned, bananas etc.), make exaggerated physics (look at Goat simulator) and so on. However, it is kind of hard to find the right balance between fun (to play)/seriousness/irony. I think that games like Goat simulator are not fun to play as they try too hard to be ironic. So you have to ensure that your game is fun to play (good gameplay mechanics) and that it is not completely ridiculous. Then you can add some fun stuff but do not build a game about not taking itself seriously and then end up without any content.

However, that’s just my opinion. Goat simulator sold very well. I think this is partly due to the huge number of let’s players playing that game but you can certainly have success with such a game if that is what you wish for.

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Wanted to make a video for the JME Showcase, got way too late. I still need to improve the animations and the character textures aren’t done yet, but putting my models and shaders together and seeing everything run in the engine was great.


Awesome!!! What kind of game will it be? Looks completely professtional; I love how the shaders and models and textures create a really nice ambience and are perfectly put together!

I just release today on steam greenlight the Asteroid Hunter :


Dowload page : Asteroid Hunter 3D Demo by Wade_Interactive

This last days seens to be big for Jmonkey, a lot of games comming out :slight_smile:


This does indeed look very nice. I look forward to seeing a video.

One of my favorite mixamo model via blender → xbuf → jme



Finally!! After some studies. This is added to Multi Dominoes. Mexican train :smiley: !


I’m late, it’s barely still September, but here is some of my progress on LightSpeed Patrol:

Added nebulas, as some of you have already seen in the dedicated thread:

Warp speed effects (you might wanna open them in a new tab):

The top one is an automated interstellar jump and the bottom one is the interplanetary low warp mode which is manual and can be used at any time with full player control. They still lack some sort of distortion shaders but that’ll come later.

And lastly: tractor beams. Usefull for towing anything from (to be implemented)asteroids to disabled ships and free floating modules. You cant see that here, but they’re nicely animated :smile:


Just a snippet,but i want to join the thread anyway :smile:

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