Journey from Java 8 to Java 11


I ma putting this here in case anybody is interested

About Module System :
It is similar to gradle subprojects and dependencies

About Z Garbage Collector
It’s experimental yet and available on jdk11 linux build at the moment.

The Z Garbage Collector, also known as ZGC, is a scalable low latency garbage collector designed to meet the following goals:

Pause times do not exceed 10ms
Pause times do not increase with the heap or live-set size
Handle heaps ranging from a few hundred megabytes to multi terabytes in size

At a glance, ZGC is:

Using colored pointers
Using load barriers

At its core, ZGC is a concurrent garbage collector, meaning all heavy lifting work is done while Java threads continue to execute. This greatly limits the impact garbage collection will have on your application’s response time.

Finally do not miss this one (Not sure, but I think they are planed for Java 12)
especially project Vulhalla and Amber

watch from time 38:10


Just a note about GCs - the Shenandoah GC is in development/appears to be currently usable.

Developed by RedHat, it’s designed for ultra-low (sub-millisecond, often 0.1ms) collection times, and is in many ways similar to ZGC.

Anyway, here’s one of Aleksey Shipilëv’s talks about it: Shenandoah GC: What We Know In 2018 with Aleksey Shipilev - YouTube

One note though is that ZGC uses coloured pointers, while Shenandoah prepends a pointer to each object - it seems likely (IMO) that ZGC will use less heap space, while Shenandoah will have better performance (for the application - not just for the GC).


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