Jsweet transpiler?

I’m new and was wondering if there is a way currently to export to WebGL via Jsweet or some other transpiler system?

In theory it might be possible but in practice it is not. I think you’d be better of using a javscript 3D-library from scratch. ThreeJS is nice but there are many others.

I got both Bridge.net and Jsweet to transpile to Three.js. The nice thing is that I build large scale projects using object-oriented methods and many of their associated. I’m one of the javascript haters but to each their own when it comes to methods of development.

So it would take quite an effort to transpiler this stuff into WebGL typescript/javascript?

I’d be shocked to see it work, let alone work well/reliably. You’re well into uncharted (possibly black hole) territory here.

There might be hope years from now with WebAssembly, when it supports Java. Emphasis on years I think…

If you have any luck doing anything like that let us know, maybe I’m wrong, but I’m not optimistic.

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Thank you. You really opened my mind. I hadn’t realized how far web assembly has come.

Again. Thanx!