(July 2023) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread


Created a game cover for the game.

Alternate vertical Instagram version.


I’ve selected Mixamo as the animation partner. So here’s a screenshot of an animation that I’ll probably be tweaking in blender.
The take-away from this is that I have a quick and headache free animation pipeline now. :slightly_smiling_face:


What’s your pipeline? Are you using JME’s FBXLoader or converting to glTF/glb format?

Right now if I remember correctly I just use the blender file and JMonkey does the rest. But in the future my primary supported format will definitely be .FBX.

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Be aware that the blender file format changes a lot (between blender versions) so it can be a pain to load in anything except blender.

Fbx, glb etc are intended for sharing so is much more stable

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Yes, I’m just using the .blend file so I can focus on other things right now. In the future my primary file formats will be

.dae (collada)

Static mesh:

JME will always be happiest with gltf/glb since it’s supposed to be the ‘new industry standard’ and not tied to one particular vendor.

Edit: even for static mesh I would not want to mess with the .obj materials when gltf will work fine.


Thank you for your comment. You just saved me months of learning .fbx. glTF/glb is pretty solid. I’ll be learning and practicing that instead.


I’ve had lots of progress lately and posted many screenshots around to other places.

…this is a more nerdy one than the others.

Water attenuation filter (blue fog) and depth of field filter clipped based on the water level’s intersection with the camera lens. Note how the underwater terrain is blurred and the mountains are not.

Here is a version with the eye right at the water line:

Eventually I will add a band of foam across that line and synchronize it to the wave motion that water will eventually have.

Some Details:

  • It will deal with any vertical angle (Math, bitch!)
  • it does not support roll (neither does the Mythruna camera)
  • It’s currently specific to those particular FoV though isn’t too ugly for even large FoV differences (just more math than I want to do today)

Edit: note that those are better at full size because shrinking kind of unblurs… but imgur doesn’t support the old-style links anymore I guess so you have to click multiple times.


Sudden camera movements tend to make players dizzy. So, it’s probably not worth it to implement camera roll.

I think when I get to proper flying (like with wings and stuff), I may miss a little roll and can add it as an effect when turning.

…but yeah, roll tends to be disorienting.

Integrating an auto “Navigation Shape Generator” feature into my nav shape editor tool for generating polygonal navigation shapes for buildings,… using JTS Topology Suite Java library.

First, it generates a collection of contact points by raycasting around the building mesh, something like this:

in the second step, it creates a concave hull shape wrapping those points. Something like this:

and in the last step, it simplifies the shape and serialize it to file:

this is how it looks in the editor:

This polygonal navigation shape is then loaded at runtime to construct a dynamic Navigation Space for doing pathfinding.


This is very cool and a clever solution.
Well done.
Did you create your own path finding lib?
Soon I might need to implement my own.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope, I am using hxDaedalus (Java version).


The camera switch and zoom were on my to-do list for a while now, finally, I find the chance to implement them today. You can see how it works in this short video while I am roaming around the map. Well, nothing too fancy! :wink:



Edit: note that the drop shadow filter would add a lot and be nearly free probably. (Unless your intent is to eventually have real shadows.) Does a lot to keep the NPCs, trees, etc. from looking like they are floating.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I already have a checkbox for the drop shadow filter in the graphic settings, but I forgot to enable it when capturing the video!


Very nice. Will this be a mobile game when finished?
If I look at the controls it seems like it.



Yeah, my plan is to support both PC and mobile!


Started implementing a basic farm editor! For the farmer NPCs, I want to grant a piece of farmland next to their house so they can grow plants in it. Of course, they need to first dig it with a hoe before they can plant anything! :wink:

The farm editor state is plugged into the scene editor (which is a SiO2 CompositeAppState) so it gets activated when the scene editor is opened.