(June 2015) Monthly screenshots thread

Here we go again!


I recently started work on a fast paced multiplayer project even though I don’t know exactly where it is going:

Well, as you can see it’ll be about mages. But I won’t decide much more until I programmed most of the multiplayer code :wink:


I think a q3-style fast-paced fps with mages can be cool : there is much more you can do with spells vs just projectiles & bullets. Affecting other’s capabilities, affecting physics, …
I wish you lot of fun & success!

EDIT: ok I’ll show my “WIP” too.
This is the auto emerging game project I’m working on for about 3 months now, since I started to play with jME :smile:
As you can see in the following screenshot it’s a game about blood and an evil hand that you use to interact with the battlefield. What you cannot see in the following screenshot is that it’s not about killing ninjas. Those are from the test assets and are just place holder.


Yeah I was thinking about that too… You could do anything and explain it with some kind of funky magic :wink:
Your game looks great, too! So is the player the villain who uses the hands to kill? Interesting idea :slight_smile:

@mathiasj : you could glue players to the ground, revert gravity, make fire showers, earthquake, … If you need testers please count me in !

Yes the player is controlling the devil’s hand (or at least something evil’s hand. I don’t know yet and I don’t really care). I was a big fan of the “black & white” games when they came out and I had to make a game in which you control a hand once in my life lol.
You can get a bit strategic and summon demons, plan a blood pumping system, or just destroy as much as you can by slapping the battlefield with your giant hand. As you progress you can choose skills matching your playing style. Still a lot to implement though :frowning:


Trying to track some bugs down in the network library I’m working on, I added a whole bunch of debug layers to my networked espace game:

…which was good because it turns out the ‘bug’ wasn’t at all what I thought it was and that was plain once I saw the data. Just a thing I hadn’t implemented yet that never occurred to me was complicit.

Picture shows the local zone grid of the zones the client will receive updates for… it’s a debug view. Right now the zones are smaller than they will eventually be because it’s easier to test. Each zone cell says what it’s local reduced-bits zone ID is as well as the actual full zone key.

Also include, a layer of per-object debug info hovering over each object. The values that show up here are expandable.

And finally, the less interesting one is the location and zone in the upper left.


experimenting with different foliage construction methods, by far the best is: model+impostor+sprite


I Started working with Nifty GUI for scores and tracking of the end numbers of the game table. It’s weird that I cannot add elements without everything going bananas but found a workaround to have up to 8 players.

I also added my first steps of user interaction, it’s still not done:

  • If the game knows you don’t have tiles to play it will draw from the boneyard for you until you have one to play.
  • When you have the highest double or highest Tile, it will play it automatically.
  • With double click on a tile on your hand you send it to it’s location if the destination is clear.
  • Still working when you have no clear option.


Polished off animated tooltips and completely overhauled the unit list window which is now resizable.

Also did some balancing, squashed a few bugs, revamped some particle effects, fixed up the masses map generator to be more fair with resource distribution, added a completely new map generator called coalesce and made the lists associated with the music player auto scroll when dragging items to the list and hovering above or below the desired list so one can better organize their music. Few odds and ends too of course :slight_smile:


Is this library going to have an easy to use already implemented lag compensation system for server-client based games?

It’s for client server based games, yes… I based it on the valve articles. Hopefully I’ll be ready to open source it soon but it needs some more testing and some more cleanup. I’m just about ready to let some folks login to my space game and fly around to see how it goes… maybe by Sunday. We’ll see how that goes.


My deferred pipeline now works on OpenGL3 + Mac OS X (a pain) + 3.1.x


I am curious whats the 6th texture from left in your “debug view” is

:flushed: Like many others…

Voxel game :grin:

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iirc, the 6th texture is the material array texture (I use matId)


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players can now choose between a circular table or an octagon one with different materials to play domino

I am working on new materials for tiles and some environments besides black background


We just completed our Item & Skill System.
The visible part is our Inventory UI with drag and drop equip/unequip and tooltips.
Oh, and the skillbar at the bottom with tooltips.


Hello monthly screenshot champs! Working on anything cool these days? Whether it’s the same thing as it was back when this thread started or something brand new, however big or small, please consider sharing it for the 2015 jMonkeyEngine showcase video:

Keep the WIPs coming!