(June 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Let me start this months screenshot thread. Yeah…

I am currently working on a Brick Break game for android.

It is a combination of Arcade and Endless game play.

Here is a preview. Thanks.

EDIT: This game is now available for download at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bruynhuis.brickbreaker


Mmh, this seems more like a BBTAN clone than a brick breaking game :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks really cool


I know there are tons of these games on the android play store but I really wanted to make my own version and also want to add some nice features that is unique to my game.

For example, I want to add specific power that you can collect and then use when you are in trouble.
Such as a horizontal laser that can be used to destroy a full row of tiles.

Anyways, I think I got the game play right.


Oh yeah this is definitely BBTAN, but does it do that annoying thing where the shot prediction line gets smaller and smaller and vanishes when you get to like 100 balls or so? If not, you have my download XD


Oh I suppose I have an updated map screen to show:


Your planet in the background looks amazing! Is it an image or a model?

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That map is phenominal looking dude. That’s the kind of polish that really screams quality. Fits what I’ve seen of your aesthetic so well.


A model with some shader magic going on.

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Looks like a model to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting the look goes down to about 3-4 steps:

  • ground and atmo textures generated from this renderer

  • shader that changes hue and color of those two textures for each planet, composites them together, spins the atmosphere and so on

  • same shader also makes a dot product with the camera’s direction and poly normals - which gives you values close to zero on edges and then adds some color to those edges giving a somewhat atmospheric look

  • a simple billboard quad that looks like a blurred circle in the center of the planet that adds more corona to the whole planet outside of the planet geometry

Oh and the system is so red because of the nebula skybox overlay + additonal red nebula spawns (this is one of those systems inside the red gas cloud on the map).

Thanks man! :smile: I’ve gone through like 5 different iterations in the past two days and this was the only one that looked good enough :stuck_out_tongue:


We’re gonna have to write an auto-like macro for MoffKalast’s posts here.
This probably won’t embed properly, but let’s test. Old video of some physics experimenting…


The planet sphere looks schewed in picture 2, is that intended?

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Nature of the wide FOV, I’m guessing.

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Made a small Tracer for objects using Lina:

(crappy vid)

I’m using it to trace physics etc.


I’m now writing the Chatper 14. Special effects. In this chapter I decide to introduce both Filters and Particle effects.

Here is the demo I made for Filters.



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So we are getting fairly close to attempting to push Spoxel through greenlight and i’ve spent some time working on the trailer. Take a look :slight_smile: Feedback is of course much appreciated!


Oh I love this trailer! :smiley:

Are the player characters models final?

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At this point they are pretty much final but could have a few minor tweaks. I spent a good month remodeling everything in the game. I twas a tough balance between realistic which would look out of place and blocky which lacked detail. The lack of detail in the blocky ascetic became a bit of a problem since Spoxel is viewed from the side. So the new character models are a mix of the two.

Animations for the models, however, are still a work in progress. The way Spoxel is setup allows me to change one file and propagate all the animations so that isn’t a major change luckily.


You got me with the shark… got me again with the toilets.
Great work.