(June 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Looks great @ndebruyn

Was it done with jMonkey?

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Anamorphic Flare Control, it’s like a BillboardControl but does a wee bit more.

subtlety be damned during dev right =P



@thetoucher Wow that’s a pretty cool looking flare, but that’s just the image I suppose. What does the control do?

I’d imagine some sort of scaling and rotation depending on camera direction and stuff?

@glh3586 You just had to do the 3 word thing, didn’t you? :stuck_out_tongue: I swear after robocraft did it, everyone’s doing it.

Some random thing I fully realized today, what difference 2 years of learning makes:

What you’re looking at is:


  • JavaFX 3D lib

  • ship parts assembled from primitives in code

  • no shadows, no skybox, apart from some unshaded cube stars and dust

  • no batching, ran like absolute ass

  • parallel projection? not sure what was going on with the camera back then

  • no 6 degrees of freedom movement (JavaFX does not support quaternions lel)

  • unwieldy ship building system from hell


  • Jme 3.1

  • blender models for parts, bone rigged turrets

  • everything except weapons, engines and fuel collectors batched into one mesh

  • fancy shaders

  • drag and drop fast and easy building

And for those of you wondering who in the right mind would decide to do 3D in Javafx, uhhh I got nothing. Still, no regrets as it was a great learning experience nevertheless.


Hello dear community,

I started my game from scatch again to learn Zay-Es (+Net) and I have to say I really like the EntityComponentSystem approach. During “learning” about EntitySystems I noticed how many things are just related to the “view”, the visual representation of the game and don’t really affect the game state. Thanks @pspeed for providing this great library!

Here is a screenshot of 2 connected players and the “view” of the server.



@MoffKalast I’ve never even heard of Robocraft haha. It’s actually a marketing thing I’ve read in several books this year, so i’m not surprised that it is fairly widespread.

@robi_combi Yup, all jmonkey.

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I have started with JavaFX 3D 1 year and 4 months too.

My game was looking like this:

Now it looks like this:

So you’re not alone with your not-right mind xD . I just started my video game making path with it and I had no idea what is shaders, bones etc. But it really gave valuable learning experience. Making objects with primitives and ugly type of physics engine. I didn’t even know about Unities or Unreal engines so switching to jme was like a second breath.


:smiley: :thumbsup:

That’s what I think is the best thing JavaFX can offer. Unlike say LibGDX which gives you exactly nothing but a canvas, it actually lets you use a full scene graph nearly identical to the one in jME in terms of usage which is a great intro.

I did make a few okay looking 2D game concepts with it since that’s mostly what you can really do properly with only euler rotations and you get a proper GUI system to go along with it.

Unlike here where we still struggle constantly with our many GUI libs :disappointed:

I did know about Unity at the time and did mess around with it a bit but I really wasn’t interested in something that wasn’t Java. Jme won me over instantly with the physics brick wall demo hahah.


spot on sir. an image is waaaaaaay faster and better quality than doing the blur ‘correctly’ with filters.


But what about when you’d have like 100s of these in a scene? I guess at that point a filter would make sense, or to batch them all together and put the features of the control into the vert shader.

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but I don’t need 100’s, they could be point sprites if needs be.

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Tried to make the electric nebula better looking, accidentally made a brain instead.


Looks very cool, though.

You’ve probably already looked at videos like these a million times:

…but I was looking to do a nice lightning effect some time ago and watched many of these.

As compared to yours, the lightning grows from one end to the other and the once the connection is made there is a major discharge across the whole connection. That “find the path and then discharge” thing is probably key to making it look right. It’s why on first glance, full speed lightning looks almost like two flashes.

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Wow, that looks awesome.
Care to share some tips on how you did it?

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@ndebruyn It’s rather straightforward actually, I was just messing around since the old effect was really bad (sort of fading the entire quad thing) and needed something quick and simple to make it better in the time that I have.

#ifdef SPEED
     color.a *= 0.5+sin(g_Time*(m_Speed+(texCoord1.x+texCoord1.y)*0.1))*0.5;

Where m_Speed is the movement speed. (I also had the same line in a custom Glow.frag). The mesh is a bunch of scattered quads with a color&glowmap like this one:

(actually a sheet of 4 of them with each quad having one of the random 4 places as it’s uvcoords but that’s not the point)

Good point, I haven’t actually looked at any lightning shots recently. Some flashes would definitely make it look a lot better even if just spawned at random I think.


This thread is always funnier than an average tvshow… Congratulations to all great works!

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WTF??? :joy:


Damn dude

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Still a little behind on posts, the current version doesn’t have the bad popping issue, but here’s that moon with some texturing.


I’ve done basic legacy map loadings of my re-implementation, wormholes, warps and a bit more: