(June 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Tried to make the electric nebula better looking, accidentally made a brain instead.


Looks very cool, though.

You’ve probably already looked at videos like these a million times:

…but I was looking to do a nice lightning effect some time ago and watched many of these.

As compared to yours, the lightning grows from one end to the other and the once the connection is made there is a major discharge across the whole connection. That “find the path and then discharge” thing is probably key to making it look right. It’s why on first glance, full speed lightning looks almost like two flashes.

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Wow, that looks awesome.
Care to share some tips on how you did it?

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@ndebruyn It’s rather straightforward actually, I was just messing around since the old effect was really bad (sort of fading the entire quad thing) and needed something quick and simple to make it better in the time that I have.

#ifdef SPEED
     color.a *= 0.5+sin(g_Time*(m_Speed+(texCoord1.x+texCoord1.y)*0.1))*0.5;

Where m_Speed is the movement speed. (I also had the same line in a custom Glow.frag). The mesh is a bunch of scattered quads with a color&glowmap like this one:

(actually a sheet of 4 of them with each quad having one of the random 4 places as it’s uvcoords but that’s not the point)

Good point, I haven’t actually looked at any lightning shots recently. Some flashes would definitely make it look a lot better even if just spawned at random I think.


This thread is always funnier than an average tvshow… Congratulations to all great works!

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WTF??? :joy:


Damn dude

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Still a little behind on posts, the current version doesn’t have the bad popping issue, but here’s that moon with some texturing.


I’ve done basic legacy map loadings of my re-implementation, wormholes, warps and a bit more:


Impressive :slight_smile:

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Just so you know that I’m still actively working on JME.


Hi I’m new to game development…

loving it so far. I got the basic movement and camera control down. now its time for the UI. I think I am going to use lemur.

this is what it looks like to far. (the world and model are all for testing) My friend is studying game art so it is gonna look cool… I hope :^)


This would be really cool coupled with spix. Stuff like this improves development time so much and stops me having to create debug gui so frequently - since what your screenshot shows is pretty much a settings-refinement screen anyway. Shadertoy is a great playground. You do miss that level of fun once you apply the logic into jme and have to “eye-it-up” in your game.

Looks great!


This is based on spix yes. It’s the whole idea ;).
I’m working on it one or 2 hours every night…adding features little by little. Not sure it comes to a really usable point or more advanced than any other editors developed in the community. Spaceshift editor is probably more advanced. So I’m trying to focus on the mat def editor part, to be able to at last make lighting and PBR materials based on shader nodes, also a new terrain shader etc…
The node editor is not yet as advanced as it was in the SDK, though it’s been rebuilt with an entirely new design, and it’s 100 times more robust.
Also the idea is not to compete with the other editors… in the end I think that the more tools the community comes up with the more the users have chances to find what suits their needs.


99% sure that view of nehon’s is the SPIX stuff in Swing.

Edit: ninja’ed by nehon


I agree, especially a good shadernode based material editor is currently complelty missing :slight_smile:

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So this is a a separate material editor? How can I get it?

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You can’t for now, it’s just a sneak peek. Also it’s more than just a shader editor. You can also edit your scene like in the SDK, change mat params or any spatial attributes, add lights.


Thx :wink: I’m going to implement a shader node editor as well :wink:

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