Kartex New Pics Day (part 1)


I thought I would post here as well so we all can look at what’s cooking on JMonkey.

So it’s that day when we show you new screenshots from the soon to be released game called Kartex.

Also, I listened to your feedback and decided to make the camera more fluid when you are driving.

Furthermore, we now officially support Gamepads for this game.

Kartex is coming to mobile devices and desktop computers Q4 (fourth quarter) 2013.


Nice :smiley:

It’s that day again when we show you new pictures from the game Kartex, coming to Desktop and Mobile devices:

It’s a great day to race here at Kartex.

It’s very sunny too!

Now let’s hit the turbo!!


I fixed the AI now the Non-Playable-Characters are kicking my a**! >.<

Kartex professional driver reveal!

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They say he eats apple sauce for breakfast, and lives in a volcano crater, and that he has only 1 testicle, all we know is that he’s called The Stig!

Kartex pre-alpha available now! [click me!]