Keeping Physics Objects inside node

This seems a confuse question i guess.

I have a node with 2 geometry, corresponding to an object.

My main character has a character control

[java]control = new CharacterControl(new SphereCollisionShape(0.8f), .9f);




control.setPhysicsLocation(new Vector3f(0f, 10f, 0f));[/java]

Now, ive added that node, with 2 geometry into the scene. The character cant get pass thro it.

If i move the node , the object physics keep still in place, so i cant pass the original place the object was.

If i add a RigidBodyControl to the Node, its bounds get too big. If i add to those geometry separated, it works fine however ll have to use setPhyisicsLocation() to move it, and it looks like its a ‘global’ range not inside the node.

I wish i could move the node, and those geometry physics update as the node moves.

Im sorry if i wasnt so clear.

Thanks for the attention !

look at TestLocalPhysics

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hmm thanks

so you just have to add the rigid body to the node ? However, how can i get the exact shape of my 2 geometryes so i can make a control with that exact shape ?

I cant batch them together because they have separate data on userData.

Thanks alot for thy attention !

Make a compound shape and set it to the node instead of the leafs

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Ive searched for CompoundShape, i see that is what i need to do.

However i couldnt manage to it. Will i have to add a control to each Geom separately or only for the node ?

This is the cosest ive reached , but still, it doesnt work (i can get pass thro the object, however i cant get pass thro its leaves… im really confused.

this is the code im using to create the tree

Thanks for the attention normen ! Ur very patient with me ^^

make the compound shape (e.g. by using the CollisionShapeFactory with the node) and then attach the control to the node yeah.

but the factory doesnt returns me a Compound :frowning: Couldnt find any example code doing this

Im doing with the node but with a normal CollisionShape, how can i get the Compound ? Will i have to create collision for both geometryes and then add to a new compound everytime a tree is created ?

Thanks for the attention.

createDynamicMeshShape does return a compound if you use it on a node with geometry children, yes

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Sorry to bother you man, but it didnt work :frowning:

[java]CompoundCollisionShape compound = (CompoundCollisionShape) CollisionShapeFactory.createDynamicMeshShape(getEntityMasterNode());

RigidBodyControl body = new RigidBodyControl(compound, 0);


the masternode is the node witch contains the 2 geometryes

am i missing something ? im very confused about physics.

Thanks for your attention normen, ur the man !

This is the whole tree creation method if you want to take a look

[java]Sphere d = new Sphere(16,16, 1.3f);

Geometry leaves = new Geometry("leaves",d);




Cylinder log = new Cylinder(10, 10, 0.4f,6f);

Geometry gLog = new Geometry("log", log);





CompoundCollisionShape compound = (CompoundCollisionShape) CollisionShapeFactory.createDynamicMeshShape(getEntityMasterNode());

RigidBodyControl body = new RigidBodyControl(compound, 0);



so i kinda got this working, i was moving the Node itself instead of the physics location, that caused the bug

however i still cant move the tree.

Its bounding area works fine, however if , for example, i rotate the tree in a loop:

[java]rot.fromAngleAxis(speed, Vector3f.UNIT_X);


The bounding areas doesnt rotate as well, so i think im back into the same step i was :confused:

thanks for the attention