Kindly help me for my project..! plsss

Pls. help me guys…!!! First of all, i have a thesis, and my thesis all abowt is a ghost game. A 2D game, like supermario with an A.I… I'm modifying a java game in NETBEANS dat looks like a supermario… , but it lacks of time for me, because of my problems that im facing on… Im going to submit it on after 2 and half weeks from now… By the way, I just need a program source code for it even it is made on jME3… Hoping that you guys can gave me on it… here's my e-mail add… "" Thanks a Lot guys… tnx tnx

You want someone to do your thesis work for you?  :expressionless:

Omg, the headline was already lol, the content is rofl xD

… is that a real email address?  I just, don't even know how to respond.

delete this imo.

kirdel said:

delete this imo.
Sorry, sometimes its nice to let some steam off, and this baby's got it all!

With an address like "" I would have imagined the content to be more like "hello, my names steaphany, im 19 and very bored. this seems like a cool place. anyone wana chat in priv?"

Actually, this is like evolved scamming. Instead of fooling money out of people, fool work out of them for you to cash in on; can't get cleaner cash than that. Just got some quirks to figure out as far as the approach goes...

This thread is cool.

Someone made it sticky :-o

Lawl  :smiley: This is like a perfect "This is not what this forum is for" topic :stuck_out_tongue:

"What not to post in any forum" – Unless it's the official "Enter your creditcard here and our diligent staff will write homework for you" forum.

Seriously… In one Java-related forum there once was a guy, posting in the wrong sections, etc – clearly just a young student with no experience, no big deal, we explain and forgive. Until he literally typed in his (basic, first lesson of a beginner class!) homework assignment and added "Give me the answers by tomorrow". And when a few replied "Uh. No?", he called us arrogant. :lol:

Why do people do that? Do they seriously think it will make homework magically appear? I mean, do they also drop their math book on some class mate's table, and say "You, do my assigments, by tomorrow!" ? … What's the misunderstanding here?

PS: e-address makes him sound like a troll… Well, at least he said… "plsss"… and "kindly"… There is still hope. :wink:

Common we should definitely help this guy!!!

hey bud here is your thesis

PS :He also said "tnx tnx". he not only failed to write the entire words…he also failed to write the acronym correctly.

i think there is no hope.

nehon said:
hey bud here is your thesis

Plagiarism!  That's my thesis!  It's also the music that gets played when I enter a room :)

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Omg its sticky now… ROFL !

Of course! Beats any boring 'code of conduct' post any day. bensy leads by example.