Library for a complex GUI

Hi, ive been polishing the player experience lately, and wanted to add some more GUI elements (fairly complex in nature). As of now i am using Nifty GUI as it has a PDF manual, but i’ve noticed that configuring it in java gets messy really quickly and it has some fatal flaws (for example labels disappearing when losing focus and gaining focus on the game).

The things i would want to achieve are mainly drag n drop equipment, with a custom item tooltip (including icons, for example) when the player hovers over an item or some basic menus.

How did you guys approach the problem?

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Most folks here use Lemur instead of Nifty.


Lemur is very popular here so it’s pretty easy to get support. It’s also the only GUI where the GUI elements are actual parts of the scene graph. This means that in addition to normal 2D user interfaces, you can actually have fully 3D interfaces or just use the clickable object support to make them act like user interfaces. (For example, any model in your scene could act like a button if you want.)

Or some combination.

For example, this is a Lemur UI for managing inventory and is built of 3D objects in a 2D GUI.


But also if you have already invested in Nifty and the cost convert to something else is too great… note that you might just ok with Nifty too. Check out OpenKeeper for example, it has quite complex UI with some of the elements you talked about. And it is all Nifty.


I would second lemur. I found the java interface for niftygui extremely verbose whereas lemur’s is much cleaner. And lemur is able to handle the “weird use cases” that I inevitably find myself in.


Thanks, made a little test of lemur and it was exactly what i was looking for!