Lightspeed Frontier Closed Alpha

In about a week there’ll be a first closed alpha test for Lightspeed Frontier. As @grizeldi suggested, I’m making a post here so you can sign up too if you wish to try it out.

All you have to do is sign up on the home page of the game and you’ll get a link to the copy via mail when it’s out.

For those who haven’t seen the game before, it’s a space based open world sandbox simmilar to freelancer but you can also build your ship from modules however you like.

Also here are some screenshots and the brand new trailer.


Heck yeah man!

Sign me up.


Everyone that’s signed up so far (~100 people) should have received the current alpha build by email today. So if you’ve entered go check your mail and note that it might have fallen into promotions or spam.

Looking forward to seeing the devastating feedback. :stuck_out_tongue:

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only available on Windows ? It’s a bit rude for a java app…

And only 64 bit too actually, having some memory problems on loading atm. I think there are some paths that are windows specific hardcoded in atm so I’ll have to fix that first before I can start thinking about other platforms.

If you want to test it out anyway I can send you a jar, but don’t count on it not crashing on startup or the controls working on mac mice and keyboards.

One thing that I have not found on your site: what is you policy concerning what else you might do with alpha testers’ emails?

They’re used for sending the occasional newsletter that will from now on also contain the latest alpha build and absolutetly nothing else.

I should put a notice somewhere, indeed.

Edit: There, done.

Your email address will be kept confidential and will never be sold to third parties. It will only be used for communications related to Lightspeed Frontier, Crowdwork Studios d.o.o. and Riveted Games LLC.

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Here we go: my let’s play-ish video:


if you need some tests on linux COUNT ME IN.

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@grizeldi NIce work! It’s very intersting to see someone else play the game for once. It would appear that you have a slight case of low framerate (or is it just the video?) and that may be the reason for the super high sensitivity. Try disabling bloom or dlsr shadows in the settings.

@RiccardoBlb I was sort of reluctant to do linux tests but @Dokthar was interested and it would appear that it works pretty fine there too. Just sign up at and you’ll get both the llinux and the win build when the next alpha version comes around (which should be this week).


I’m not receiving the confirmation email, though.

That’s odd. Perhaps it’ll come around in some time.

Looks fun , I just signed up :smile: I’ll be awaiting the alpha.

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@MoffKalast Regarding framerate I can’t say I had low FPS… The game felt smooth and stuff. Maybe because used OBS instead of my ussual hardware accelerated
Also I think that FPS shouldn’t affect sensitivity if you are using tpf as it should be used.

I think I am using tpf, but it might be calculated wrongly so when tpf gets higher the controls accelerate disproportionately. I’ll take another look into it and start working on a sensitivity slider :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have signed for the closed alpha, and I remember confirming the e-mail.

However, I looked everywhere in my mailbox and I didn’t receive the game.

If you want, I can PM my email. I really want to test this game xD.

You may have signed up after the last version was sent out, but there’s a new version coming out tuesday with lots of improvements. Can you wait until then?

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Hmm… I guess I better get prepared to cover the new stuff in a video :smiley:

I signed on 9 of June. But if there’s a new version coming, I don’t mind waiting xD

Well there’s not that much new stuff aside from the void area, but there are lots of bugfixesm suggested alterations and such. Also enemy ships now spawn around you and according to your ship size. That should give you something to do - stay alive that is :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm, that should have been before the last wave was sent out. Did you check your spam and promotions inboxes?