Lightspeed Frontier Closed Alpha

Yes I did. I even selected “All emails” and looked at every email sent in June.

BTW, your email’s name is “Crowdwork Studios”, right? I searched for that name in my inbox and I only have 2 e-mails: the confirmation one and another to update the profile.

That’s the one, yes. Something else must have gone wrong then, I’ll check it out.

So like the devlog says, a new version is coming out sometime tomorrow. If you haven’t signed up yet and want to test, then head over to the site and do so before the sendout.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone’s been giving, especially @grizeldi and @Dokthar. Here are some of the changes and fixes I’ve come up with in response:

#Alpha v0.03 Changelog:


  • Added “The Void” area which can be accessed through a black hole and left through the randomly appearing funnels. It’s quite dangerous there, with the ship spawn rate tripled, so visit it if you want more of a challenge.

  • Added a collapsable infoscreen.

  • Added muzzleflashes to some weapons.

  • Added respawning after death.

  • Destroying enemy ships will reward you with a bounty in Wexcoin.

  • One new billboard.

  • Added master volume and sensitivity sliders in the options menu.

  • Shadows get disabled when building, and ship brightness gets increased a bit to make the ship more visible.


  • Changed enemy ship spawning to a more arcadey mode, they now spawn around you soon after the previous one has been eliminated. They won’t spawn around spacestations so you can build there in peace.

  • Changed star chart graphics to a more clean and less misleading style

  • You can now abort warping to other star systems by pressing R/MMB again

  • Destroying all command pods on a ship will now automatically destroy it, including the player’s.

  • Removing the last command pod from your ship via building will detach all modules from the ship. (Temporary, until empty ships are introduced)

  • Elimination quest removed due to odd bugs.

  • Reparing is now faster.


  • Attaching modules in the tutorial now registers when they are actually attached, not when grabbed with the mouse.

  • Enemy ships will now prioritize nearest hostile vessel instead of going after other NPC ships over the player’s.

  • Countless small fixes that I don’t quite recall specifically

Hey @RiccardoBlb, did you end up getting that confirmation email?


Yep, i received it after some hours.

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I still can’t subscribe personally.
Clicking the button do nothing and I received nothing.

You know, you have to enter an email into the white box before pressing the button. :stuck_out_tongue:

Joking aside it will probably take some time for the mail to arrive as the service we’re using isn’t exactly great. If it still doesn’t get there before tomorrow I can add you manually if you wish.

Hi, i am responing here mainly because i can’t logon to your forums…

I played the game a bit and noticed some things.
The issues marked with * are probably personal preferences

  • After a combat some of my engines where broken, i went to the repair stations, but the values did not change, i had to remove a engine and re-add it to have full throttle again.
  1. I have removed all my engines and then i activated the warp drive. I was not able to get back to the engines easily, i suggest when there are no engines mounted warp drive should also not be available.

  2. After the gameplay tutorial i felt left in the dark what i should do. I did not even know there are space stations. Maybe the final task of the tutorial should be getting your first mission?

  3. When activating full shadowing i noticed my ship got semi transparent and looked really ugly. (I’ll make a screenshot next time)

Overall most stuff works really smooth!
*I would like to have a better sensor system. Like when traveling to a system it would be kind of nice to be able to get an overview whats in it.
*It was very hard for me to use the current sensor system, basically i was not able to see from the radar where the enemy actually is.
*I would like an additioanl label near the markers showing the distance to the target
*IMHO the target markers should scale when a ship comes closer?

I tried few days ago with two mails and haven’t get a mail. I think I’m not gonna get anything.

Thanks for all the feedback! I appreciate you taking the time to write all of this down, it’s quite extensive.

That’s odd, I can’t seem to reproduce that at all. Did you have this experience multiple times?

Done. Added just now.

Yeah that’s the main problem now, still working on it.

This was an issue with the filter processor order and is fixed in the new update.

Sure thing! The sensors and the minimap are still in a sort of placeholder state atm, I’m not sure when will be their time for an overhaul since there are many other features to attend to. Eventually the sensors will be expanded to a fully interactive system in which you will be able to also scan individual objects like asteroids and such.

You mean like this? Added it a few days ago. It often shows the wrong size but it’s a proof of concept.

Alright, shoot me a PM with your email and I’ll add you myself.

@MoffKalast one thing to be aware of regarding the emails: my links to the alpha build ended up in my spam box (no, I had not marked you as a spammer!) My email provider makes it easy to find stuff that it flagged as spam, but from my experience working customer service for a wide variety of people that I have to trigger automatic emails to, this is not true if many providers. Plenty of scope for emails to get lost in the cracks…

sigh I know. It’s been a problem recently but I have little alternative to using MailChimp and most providers filter by the type of email and it’s contents anyway. I haven’t been able to find a way around it and probably won’t either.

Can’t you, instead of mailing it to everyone, create some sort of account service, which (only specific) people can use to get to a download button?
Like just pressing ‘download’, but first having to go through a test/ fill in a form?

Using itch.oi is an option, but everyone would have to register there and download their client which is a drag.

Besides, the next version might be open to everyone to download anyway.

Can you send me a new copy. I think I deleted mine on accident when clearing my junk. PST me and I’ll give you my email.

I signed up but there is no download link…? :frowning:

Every time a new build comes out it gets sent out to the signed up emails in a newsletter containing the latest version.

Note to self: Make an FAQ.

Ah. so I have to wait for a new build to come out. Makes sense!

Actually since there have been about 30 signups since the last version there might be an email going out to the new testers hopefully today. So, closer than you think :wink:

I have this problem with your game :frowning:
I had the same problem with my game on the old version of JME.
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Graphics: Nvidia 750m with driver 364.19