Lightspeed Frontier Closed Alpha

yes, after closing

After closing? Wait you mean this happens after you exit the game?

If you use fullscreen mode, it happens on start. If you use window mode, it happens after closing.

I honestly have no idea what could have caused that but for what it’s worth, there’s a new version of the drivers (367.35) that might help.

I and my friends had this problem with old version of JME on different versions of ubuntu and different versions of nvidia driver.

I hate to ask… But what do I do? I’ve followed the tutorial, killed a few enemies, but doesn’t seem much else to do.

Also, is it multiplayer? How do I fight other players?

Nope, no multiplayer yet (or soon for that matter). What you can do now is essentially what you described, apart from buying stuff at stations and exploring. If you come across any black holes you can enter one to get to an area with more challenging opposition.

The goal is to make the largest and most powerfull ship.

The game does use a version that’s about a year old now, but I’m not planning to update any time soon…

So after @pspeed graciously solved my camera roll problem I managed to finish the new chase camera controls and that means a new update is coming around soon. Soon as in in a few hours from now.

Thanks to everyone that’s been busy testing and providing bug reports, keep 'em coming.

Alpha V0.04 Changelog:


  • Display that shows the name and distance of passing ships from you in meters and feet.
  • New additional warp effect.
  • New npc ship death explosion sound and visual effects.
  • Asteroids are now destructible although they don’t drop any ore yet.
  • Arrows that point towards objects of interest/hostiles if the said object is nearby and not on screen.
  • Mostly re-done the chase camera mode, should be a lot easier to make fine adjustments to your heading, fly straight and aim.
  • Info display now opens on click instead of mouse hover.
  • Space stations now spin around their center of mass.
  • Loading a ship without anything selected no longer changes your ship into a command pod.
  • Going to warp with engines turned on doesn’t waste 2x power anymore.
  • Small fixes.

News is on the devlog too.

Still waiting for the mail…

@MoffKalast I can’t get the game to load. It freezes up at random points during loading. I noticed it also takes a massive amount of time to load.

Would you be willing to share the loading code with the community so perhaps we can figure a way to make it more efficient ?

Yeah sorry guys, there was a delay with QA. The build will be sent out today I hope.

@jojoofu That’s odd I never had any reports of that and I usually have it loaded in less than 20 seconds (on a 7200rpm HDD) . The loading is done on a separate thread with callables and the rest is up to the asset manager. After I add a main menu there’ll be some preloading but otherwise I don’t think this can be improved other than by buying a faster storage device.

Maybe a corrupt download then. I’ll download it again. It gets to the pixel part and freezes.

Yeah indeed… i load it from an encrypted partition and it doesn’t take more than 30 seconds.

Okay , I got it loaded up and played it for a few minutes and unfortunately I found it not playable. The controls made it unplayable. If you hold a button down for more than a fraction of a second the ship spins wildly. If you tap the button it turns to slowly.

Have you considered making the turn at a steady pace ? I would also suggest a standard wasd. Where W and S tilt front to back and A and D tilt from side to side then use something like the spacebar for thrusters.

The controls where so difficult that I overshot the yellow ring then I couldn’t get my ship lined back up.

This sort of feedback may be better addressed in Lightspeed Frontier’s own forums, but sounds to me like you are getting very low framerates. I had similar issues until I tweaked the graphics settings. To check, hit backspace to get out of the tutorial, then f3 to bring up the standard statistics box.

I have signed up, and I’ve also got a confirmation email. But I don’t see any link to download the game.

Okay I forgot to make an announcment. @iamcreasy The closed alpha testing is as of now closed and has been replaced by a public demo on and IndieDB

Effectively that’s version 0.041 that has a few fixes and better controls than the last alpha that was sent out, so try out the new one instead.

@jojoofu I’ll keep that control sheme in mind, meanwhile you can test out the new version which has some control problems adressed, especially in the tutorial.

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So for further alpha/beta relases we have to pledge on kickstarter?

No, of course not! On the contrary I’d like to keep all testers if possible, but note that the kickstarter backers do get the final game by a reduced price too while others only get alpha and likely beta access.

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So people, as you probably know alpha/beta/whatever it is called now has moved over to steam. If anyone that wants to test it further via steam doesn’t have the game yet, head over here:
Request a key over there and voila, you got LSF for the period of pre-early acess.
Also there’s a public beta for the mobile app just around the corner, so I’d need some testers for that as well.

EDIT: @MoffKalast just reminded me that above is valid only for people who participated in pre-steam alpha testing.

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