Lightspeed Patrol Pre-alpha video showcase [Feedback]

I’ve been promising to make a video for half a year now, so here it is in glorious 60fps. It’s about 5 minutes long so skip to 2:29 if you want to see ship combat.

There is an official thread but It’s been slightly derailed and hasn’t been updated in forever, so I wanted to make a new topic just for the video feedback. Not too much to ask is it?

I’d be really glad to hear your feedback on everything and anything so I can improve. Suggestions are also very welcome.


That looks really cool. Pretty far along it seems.

I wonder if it’s easy to have the debris cloud quads fade out. Watching them pop out one by one was a little jarring in an otherwise smooth experience. Maybe something to polish later.

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:relieved: And I thought you guys were completely misled by the images and would be massively dissapointed.

Oh I’ll take care of that soon enough, honestly I didn’t even notice.

smooth experience smooth experience It is very nice that you think that…

Nah… it looks good. I could pick nits here and there but mostly nice overall. (For example, in still screen shots the engine exhaust looked nice enough but in video this one bugs me… but I have a pet peeve against that kind of particle effect because it’s just not as cool as the ones in real ‘space opera’ style movies and probably difficult to get there. Other options are kind of limited, though… and it’s starting to get off topic.)

I only mentioned the popping because it took me half the video to figure out what was going on. I’d notice a pop but by the time I looked it was gone, of course. :slight_smile: I first though maybe a sorting+alpha issue but then I figured out you were just expiring them: pop! I was pretty sure near the end but it was always just in the corner of my eye… then that last scene you could watch them pop out one by one very clearly.

Very cool video,

What I like about the combat is that you can destroy special sections of a ship.
It’s like Star Trek TNG when Picard says: “Only target their weapons and warp drive!”
That adds a lot of possible tactics and strategy to such a game.

this will be a jME pusher when published later on - I’m pretty sure people will like it. :+1:

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Game looks cool but…that phase sound effect :scream:

Which one? I kind of liked them all. Some of them made me think of Babylon 5.

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Cool Bananas !! :smiley:

Those debris clouds look cool. They should continue to expand after being formed, I think.

I wish you every success. You have done a nice job.

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Hmm, that does get me thinking that I haven’t changed the exausts much since like July or something. I’ll mess around with them when I get the chance, got a few interesting ideas to try already.

I’m pretty sure he means the lasers. Now um, hmm. What do I doooo

Talking about lasers sound,they are pretty disturbing to my ears but maybe it’s me.

Very Cool. Thanks
You can also add some missiles with auto guidance system to your ships like Go-Onto-Target (GOT) which can follow and hit a moving enemy.

I’ll try to lower the pitch, perhaps that could fix it.

Oh this is planned, but I’m wondering if I should make them like big icbms that detach from your ship and trace the target or a missile launcher turret that uses ammo and shoots small ones. Perhaps both.

Dang, beautiful vid! I’d be very proud.

Totally agree with Ogli… ability to destroy sections make it a lot more interesting than the usual shield/bulk going down then boom. Could allow you to make great missions too instead of go there and kill what’s there as usually is.

Actually, would be a good basis for somewhat of a babylon 5 game… player would control the station and secure the station and the trading lines (from which the station would earn creditz and access to resources/repair stuff/upgrades; the game would slowly immerse the player in the bigger picture. Bleh, going on a tangent, forget about it :D.