Little survival game: Dodge to survive

Little survival game made with my destructible rag doll to test certain mechanics for my future open source space game UniVersor (which I talk about in this other post Gravitation Simulator 2 is released! (public domain) and Universor Project is being worked - #6 by Emperatrox).

Dodge the evil balls to survive. It will become more and more difficult since they slow down due to friction with the ground and maneuver better. Hold on as much as possible.

You can play it by clicking “MyGame.jar” in “dist” folder.

With ‘WASD’ you move the camera and with ‘JILKM’ the character (all the details in the README).

When a ball destroys a part of the rag doll, he dies.

License: Unlicense (public domain, see the github repository or for more information).

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For some reason the ragdoll arms always remain completely attached to the body. I don’t know the cause of the bug, but I’m investigating it.

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It looks like you’re implementing ragdoll physics from scratch, the way TestRagdoll does. If you switch from the jme3-bullet library to the Minie library, you can use DynamicAnimControl, which provides a simpler way to create ragdolls:

Also, it looks like you’re building using ANT, which is the SDK default. I recommend switching from ANT to Gradle for your builds. For a simple example of a Gradle-based JME project, see GitHub - stephengold/BasicGame-on-Gradle: jMonkeyEngine's prototypical BasicGame implemented as a Gradle project


Thank you very much for the advice! I’m going to study it and then I make those two changes. Maybe I also put it in the JMonkeyStore when I think it is complete enough (it would be nice to put a HUD to know how much time has passed or if it is alive or dead :thinking:). I am also excited about the possibility of using a more advanced and developed physics library.

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Ahh, but I forgot to say that for the future game I plan to make (UniVersor: GitHub - MB3001/UniVersor) I can only use a special class of elastic joints that have a resistance limit. Should I reimplement it that way?

The joints used in DynamicAnimControl incorporate limits on all 3 rotational axes. If they don’t meet your requirements, we should talk…

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Ok XD. I just took a quick look at the source code and it seems to have what I am looking for. I just have to study the DynamicAnimControl documentation a bit. The only drawback that discourages me from doing so is that I must also reimplement this project GitHub - MB3001/UniVersor-ERE: UniVersor Experimental Root Edition. The first pre-1V implementation ever made and published. You can fork this or help its development. and I don’t know how much it would cost me to do.

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