Load 3d models in jme3


I’m beginner in jme. I want to write model viewer in this engine, and very important for me is loading models with diffrent formats. I read that in jme2 I can load a lot diffrent formats models (https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php?id=model_loading), then convert it to jme and render. How it’s in jme3? I read that I can load models in meshxml, obj what with others formats? Is any easy way to read for example .3ds in jme3?

No, obj and ogrexml are the only supported formats at the moment. Sadly, many of the importers in jme2 dont work properly as they were not updated by the maintainers. This is why jme3 concentrates on a few formats supported by the core developers.



Ok, I have few more questions. Which formats work good with jme2? Which technology could you recommend to write model viewer? jme2, jme3? or maybe sth else? I want add that I want to write this in java language.

Very thanks for quick reply

jme2 I guess, you will have to evaluate what importers work to what extent.

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I have a problem with these models, because I must use 3ds models.

How can I do it?

P.S. I am using jme3 and not jme2


Import to blender and export to OgreXML or export directly from max to OgreXML.


How can I import to blender from 3ds?

I must use a plugin for 3ds?

blender-> import → .3ds

you have python 2.62 and blender 2.49b right ?


I done,but I have a problem with the model animation.

I can not to export the animations of model using 3dsmax :frowning:

How Can I export these animations?


From what i read from the web you cant export bones from 3d studio max. But you can export the .bvh files which contain only the animation.

So create the bones in blender, and import the .bvh file.

Can I to import directly from 3dsMax to jme3?

nope you cant. You have to import to blender and then jme.

I don’t know How to use blender.

Could you do this operation ,importing the model,for me please? :wink:

If you give me the your address email, I can to send my model.

more thanks tralala.


You can export OgreXML from 3dsmax

yes I can

wait how did you manage to do that ? Which exporter did you use ?


OgreMax has a version that is free for non-commercial use, albeit being somewhat limited

i have tried ogreMax, it doesnt work.

It creates a .mesh file that is not supported by OgreXmlConverter.exe. so you cant convert to .mesh.xml

Ohhhh, right I forgot about that whole run-around… I’ve tinkered in the past with the OgreXmlConverter utility and had gotten similarly frustrating results trying to work with the WorldForge assets when we first came across them.

This may require some format juggling, OpenCOLLADA is pretty solid, perhaps try pushing that out to Blender and then the ogre exporter from there?

i will just do the animations, bones, in the blender, and export the mesh with .obj