Load a different texture for each face of a Box?

How does one load a different (64*64pixel) texture onto each face of a Box?

I would also be interested in knowing this.

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  1. Build a box from 6 quads… or however many sides will actually be showing and texture each individually.
  2. Setup a UV map splitting out the sides and dynamically create the texture image as needed.

    I don’t think it is possible to apply multiple textures to a single object… seeeeeew, think outside the box (har har)

No, use a texture atlas. Combine the textures to one, load it for the box in blender, uv-unwrap the box and move the texture coordinates for each face so that it shows the desired texture. Do not use separate quads, you will kill your GPU very soon due to obejct count. If this is for a “box world” then realize that box worlds are not made out of box meshes and search the forum for “voxels”. If not ignore the last sentence :slight_smile:

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Thank you, it is for a box world. What is the simplest way to use voxels in jME3?

Its a “surface mesh” so “just” generating that based on the info in the “Custom Meshes” docs is everything you need to do. Some people also posted basic voxel code in the forum, maybe that can help you to understand.