Loading glossy material in Jme through blender?

is there any way to load the glossy material in JME
actually i made a model and tried to load and the diffuse color loaded correctly but the transparent and glossy material didn’t load correctly
any solutions or alternatives for this??

I am not offering a solution for you case, but did u try to apply it programmatically, it happen with me when trying to load a model with both diffuse and normal map, it only load the diffuse so I applied normal programmatically, and it works fine

Also you could try to use material editor and make jm3d file, I prefer code but it might be useful for your case too

thanks for that man but isnt there any other simple way without the use of code??


@Kaelthas Is there a way for that in the Blender importer? :chimpanzee_smile:

Did you try the Ogre exporter / importer?
Do you use jME 3.0 or jME 3.1?

There is also the upcoming XBuf importer. But I think it’s not ready yet, is it? :chimpanzee_smile:

As far as I know you can load in materials but only Blender Internal ones - so specular/diffuse/normal and the rest. Glossy is a Cycles node based material and if that is what you are trying to import it won’t work - there is no JME equivalent of the glossy material

(I think)

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(yet) - when PBRisComing turns into PBRisHere, there will be an equivalent for it.

There is a gloss map / shiny map / roughness map / smoothness map in physically based rendering. In the currently available jME materials, we only have one “shiny” or “shinyness” value for the whole material. So, if you want to use gloss maps, then you have to write your own (slightly modified) jME shader.

I proposed to include gloss maps in standard materials several years ago - but nobody really took notice or had the time to implement a “shinyness map” or gloss map into the standard jME materials.

Yeah, specular map is as close as you get for controlling things like a gloss map.

Note: if OP is talking about a cycles based material my understanding is that’s sort of ray traced… so there will never be anything like it in JME. But PBR will come closest.

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