Loading Scenes from Files

Hi, I was wondering if someone could explain to me how I might go about loading a scene from a file. I'm creating a FPS and wanted to load my levels from the disk but don't know how to do it.

Well, there are several choices. The simplest one is to use the Importers that jME has built in. You can find them in the  com.jmex.model.converters package.

The other choice is to build your scenes with MonkeyWorld or another of the scene editors that are around. They export things to .jme that can latter be loaded in binary format (so no conversion is required, and is faster).

Thanks I'll try that.  :smiley:

What are some other scene editors for jME? MonkeyWorld doesn't work on my Mac.

You could try loading height maps using a free heightmap editors however i can't really think of any now besides bryce 5. 5 is free

Scenes can be stored in several formats. Once you get your scene in jME it is recommended that you export it into jME's model format, .jme

Several scene formats, generally model formats that support sharing of meshes are best. Some examples include dotScene, BSP, and Collada. For dotScene, check the Ogre3D importer included in jME2 SVN, Collada is also included with jME, while BSP is available as a seperate importer available on the forum.

So should I make the whole level in a 3D editor? Terrain and everything? I'm new to jME so could someone explain to me step by step? Thanks ahead of time.