Loading seperate 3ds models and animations


I checked out the 3ds loader for jme and I had a question.  How do I do the following,

1> Load up a 3Ds model

2> Load up a number of animation files related to the above model

3> assign the different animations to the above mesh at runtime.

The example seems to have the animation and mesh all included in a single 3ds file

i have the same question, if can anyone help us please. Thanks

Does .3ds support animations? I thought it didnt.

Henri said:

Does .3ds support animations? I thought it didnt.

object transforms move, rotate....scale :?

The demo in JME has an animated tin soldier.

Yes, in JME library we have a tin soldier, and he moves the body, but i'am trying to import my annimated 3ds to jme but the annimation dosen't works. :frowning: