Looking for a lost tutorial

I’m looking for the tutorial mentioned in this thread: [Blender]Let’s make a Warg – from cube to animated and textured game model, specifically the modelling sheet with the warg sketch from the side, but it looks like the tutorial is no longer on the wiki.

I started the tutorial years ago after randomly finding it on the wiki, but never finished it. After finding the project file, I’d like to finish the model, but I seem to have lost the reference image.

Maybe anyone knows if I can still find the tutorial somewhere? Or maybe @oxplay2 still has the reference image as the author?

This one?



2012, old times hehe :slight_smile: old blender version too.

Yes, i suppose Riccardo provided link with images.

Still now we have Eevee that help a lot in Blender, and now i would 100% suggest using Substance Painter along with Blender (well blender is great, but for texturing Substance Painter is must have - i know its not cheap tho)

That’s the one, yes. I checked web archive, but the snapshot I picked at random didn’t have it. I guess I should’ve been more persistent. Thanks :slight_smile:

Ye, Blender has improved a ton since I started with the tutorial :slight_smile:
Regarding Substance, even though I’ve used it and agree it’s an amazing tool, I’m sadly not touching anything Adobe with a 10 foot pole if I can avoid it. And procedural texturing inside Blender is mostly doing the job fine for me these days, even though Substance tools would’ve made it a bit easier.

I’m not going to knock on Substance painter too hard because I own the one that was on Steam from pre-adobe and I like it ok. It’s nice and powerful if you are doing PBR.

…but… I find Substance Painter hard to use. I have to rewatch tutorials every time I open it.

On the other hand, the painting tools in Blender are pretty powerful, they make sense in that workflow, and you can’t beat the convenience. For sure if you aren’t doing hardcore PBR, I don’t even see how it’s a contest… Blender is powerful and convenient.

Edit: also for anyone who has not watched this tutorial, it’s a must for Blender texture painting:

Especially for quickly getting something going, it’s super fast/easy once you learn the setup.

Edit 2: And I mean “easy” like when they paint in the cartoons and the brush just paints everything for you. Paint with hires images right on your model.


I think probably because the link was recently rewritten from hub.jmonkeyengine.org/wiki to wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy as part of an effort to fix broken links posted in the forum.


the main problem of Blender texture paint is that you paint single texture and not Material.

So you need paint each phong/normal/metalness/roughness/light/etc instead of just material that cover them all. Also painting them one by one make impossible to make them “match” each other in pixel space (for example normalmap do not match color one). Not to mention about Substance special tools for rust/streaks/etc and much more other tools.

OFC there are also Blender plugins that work very bad, but give that possibility, and Armor Paint that is not perfect, but still imo Substance Painter is must have if you gonna do really good texturing there.

You can also paint materials instead of textures by painting into masks instead, but the node setup required for it gets very convoluted very fast.

Well, its still additional work/etc

Anyway how do you export it later into GLTF or other format?

There are Blender plugins that do it all “in back scene” but they also were not very nice to use.

You are talking about PBR. I specifically said not PBR.

For PBR, I’d definitely use Substance Painter for a final product.

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ah, then sorry for misunderstood :slight_smile: tho even not for pbr usually normal map / spec is needed

Principled baker. Or the built in blender baker if you’re a masochist.


thanks for info, i wonder how this Material paint plugins do it themselfs, maybe they also use same lib.

Its always good to have alternatives.