Looking for a Nice basic Example of collision detection

I have been slowly learning JME3 in the past couple weeks thanks to members here and the wiki. I have everything programmed now in my small JME practice game I just need to figure out collisions. I saw the example of a Collision on the JME wiki but i dont think it was what i needed. I just want a simple collision detection system between two MOVING recangles. One is a bullet and the other is an enemy. What type of collision system do i use? I dont think this is too hard I just think if i saw an example of this I would learn alot faster. Is there such a thing around here? Thanks for all your help guys I know my questions are rather simple but It is really helping me!

Are the rectangles always aligend to x,y axis? then you can test wiht a for loop for all bullets and against all rectangles,

if bullet.x > rect.x && bullet.x < rect.x+rect.xsize (same for y)

Keep in mind that this is a kinda naive algorithm with the best pro point being easy, if you have several objects (lets say more than 200) expect framedrops since you have n*m single tests (n being amount of boxes, m amount of recangles)

You can just use mouse pick with rays. Bullets are so thin you can just use a ray for them. You can set the ray limit to be the bullet’s velocity for that frame so bullets dont travel instantly.