Looking for a team

hello everyone my name is Ivan

I am looking for a team for commercial development of a game with publication on Steam

I have been programming in php for 20 years

my team brought in a million dollars of investment in the web project

my demo games:


Shooter for android

Shooter for PC


My sketcs

My stack:
php 7.4 yii framework 2
Java SE EE Jmonkey (newby)
ubuntu server administrator
html 5 css bootstrap javascript jquery
blender 3d


I would like to join but i’m still a newbie learning JME3 :smile:

we are waiting for a couple more people and create a team :smiley:

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Admins, do you feel too we don’t have teaming and teams proposal category?
Well please give nice complete information of your plan how much money do you have to invest? is it a paid participation? please make a nice clean propose and describe everything and roadmap.

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i think open source project for free
i dont have money now…
I’m looking for a ready team

Sounds nice & would love to participate since coding Java is my hobby.

Check out the INAT subreddit once you have a more firm grasp on what you want to create :slight_smile: