Looking for a working shader for ArrayTexture2D

Hi there,

I was using a Texture atlas in a little test project of mine but was fighting with ugly texture bleeding on the edges of individual sprites. So I decided to use an ArrayTexture instead since that seems like the “simple” solution. I googled around a little bit to find a tutorial on how to use ArrayTextures in jME3 and found this:

Looking good so far. So I used the same code as in the example, but when I wanted to test things out I hit a major problem: The shader used in that code “jme3test/texture/UnshadedArray.j3md” is not available in the shipped .jars of jME3. (or perhaps I am just too stupid to find it)

So my question is:

  1. Is there a good, working default shader for ArrayTexture2D?
  2. If the answer to 1) is No; does somebody have a working shader she or he may be willing to share?

Thanks for your help.

Here they are. In the library jme3-examples.

Of course, shortly after creating this thread I found the shader used in the posted code. In case anybody else is looking for this, its at:

But I’ll keep the question still open. Perhaps there is a better shader somewhere in the core which I just didnt find yet.