Looking for JME sources

Hi all. Apologies for being a noob, but can anyone tell me where the best place is to get the JME sources? I’ve downloaded the latest master from GitHub, but that gave me loads of errors when I tried to use it. I also tried the source code link under “jMonkeyEngine SDK 3.1.0 Stable” ( Release jMonkeyEngine SDK 3.1.0 Stable · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub ), but that didn’t seem to have the “main” source code (e.g. I couldn’t find “Vector3f.java”). I assume that is the source code to just the SDK. I haven’t tried the scripts as I don’t want to “install” anything, I just want to download the .java files. I’m looking for the latest stable source code that I can drop into my project to help me with a bug. Thanks!

As I wrote, I tried that but it gave me loads of errors. Should I try a different branch instead of master?

The 3.1 branch yes.

Thanks. I’m still getting lots of errors trying to run it (can’t find “version.properties”, error initializing OpenAL cos I don’t have a sound card, new SpiderMonkey errors etc…) but I’ll post these as separate issues.

Trying to run what?

To build the engine:
gradlew dist


Thanks for the links. It’s not so much the compiling, but errors when I run it, complaining that “version.properties” doesn’t exist, and it now exits if it can’t initialise OpenAL. Neither of these were problems with the earlier version I was using.